Cartera Minería de Ethereums


New method of payment of project income

New method of payment of project income

As of 06/05/2018 Hashflare stopped selling mining capacity for most of the cryptocurrencies. In view of this, the reinvestment that was made with the amortization of the period can not be carried out anymore. Therefore, depreciation ceases to exist as such in mining projects.

Investments in this project consist of investing in Hashflare in exchange for mining power. The result of the same is tied to the capacity of mining, management and operation of the Estonian company in which it is investing. When Hashflare decides that no new contracts will be made, it can not continue to be reinvested and amortization is therefore meaningless.

Therefore, payments from now on do not deduct amortization more and become a flow of funds until the contracts expire according to the following contract schedule:

In the same schedule it can be seen that to date there is a total of MH / s 14,080.70 distributed in 19 contracts with a date of beginning and end of the contract respectively, with the first due date on February 2, 2019 and the last on June 11 of the same year.

Later, if Hashflare opens new contracts, and investors have been interested, it will be studied to reopen new projects.

What changes in my investment?

What changes is that the cost to renew the contract for the future is not discounted more week by week, with which, probably you will see a greater "return", but keep in mind that what is happening is that they are "accelerating" "The payments, and not necessarily the project is going better. Before that "capital" was saved to be able to make the project last longer reinvirtiendolo, now everything that Hashflare yields is distributed among investors.