InfoTechnology: Shared investments let earn up to 30% in dollars

These investment alternatives open opportunities to invest in alternative markets.

Collective financing, also known as crowdfunding, opens up opportunities to invest in alternative markets different from the typical possibilities offered by cabotage options. In total, according to Fundly, the collective financing industry moved US $ 34,000 million during 2017 and continues to increase.

Although this move began for social causes and artistic projects, now it has reached investments, both in Real Estate - in Argentina - and in durable movable assets such as ATMs and storage spaces - in the United States.

SeSocio is an investment platform of this type based in Latin America and has been operating in Argentina for two years. It was created by Argentine entrepreneurs Guido Quaranta and Gastón Krasny. In this platform, which does not have a minimum amount to start trading, there is not only the possibility of investing in traditional Real Estate in Argentina, as in the case of the Puertos del Lago V neighborhood , in Escobar, but it also includes ATM operations. and storage spaces in the United States, granting a fixed annual net commission interest of 5.82% per annum (paid every three months) plus an estimated revaluation of the unit of 4% per annum. The returns are high and in the case of some investments begin immediately.

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