Happy 2019!

On behalf of the entire SeSocio team, we want to wish you a very happy 2019.

But more important, we want to thank you for a great 2018, both to our users and to the active investors who already trusted the platform. Thanks to your support and support, we have already managed to fund about 80 projects , which generated around 300 jobs .

Thanks to their participation and trust, the number of participating investors practically tripled against 2017, while the amounts invested quadrupled. It is not minor that each investor invests an average of 16 times (until now) after making his first investment.

We are a collaborative platform, which allows investors to come together to participate in investments in a simplified way, without having to deal with bureaucracies and procedures while we fund projects, giving jobs to people and generating development in the countries of the projects involved. The facility to diversify and have liquidity within SeSocio increases day by day and all this we could not have done without you.

Projects in the real economy can be risky, can have delays and even failures (you have to know and say it out loud). But for example, looking at 2018 the real economy projects invested through SeSocio.com yielded much better than the most famous financial alternatives available. Even the case of Detroit III where the house for now is giving shelter in bricks to investors, but not yet rented, was much better than the other alternatives.

At this point the SeSocio.com projects have already paid their investors about 400 thousand dollars . And this is just beginning, as many projects have not yet delivered returns due to deadlines and will do so during 2019 and even later.

We have investors from more than 20 countries, and with the development of Investoland we will continue to internationalize our business, adding more investors and funding more projects.

The levels that we reach in customer satisfaction surveys are among the highest in the industry, and we are also grateful for that, as they give us confidence and feedback every day to generate a better platform for your benefit. Behind the scene of the proper functioning of Sesocio there is a lot of work, and for that reason the team grew from 6 people in 2017 to more than 30 excellent professionals who every day strive to provide a better service, and more peace of mind.

In pursuit of this tranquility for our investors, also during 2018 we started working with BLC TRUST SA, which has extensive experience, and which is registered as a Financial Trustee before the National Securities Commission, subject to an extensive information regime. In this way, the money you invest is completely separated from SeSOcio and audited by the state.

In addition, and with the same purpose of protecting the investor, SeSocio SA opted for the incorporation of greater controls. Therefore, we incorporate the Audit Office, internal control body. The Trustees have the task of controlling that the Board of Directors complies with the Laws and the Statute of the Company. We also incorporated the services of an independent external audit firm (Estudio Brea Solans & Asociados, registered as auditors in CNV), who are in charge of corroborating that the Trustees have complied with the obligation imposed by the Law and by our Statute and audit the technology of our systems, verifying that there are no deviations.

The platform is yours, and we want you to feel that way.

The year that ended was quite hectic but excellent, from the basic issues of any Start-Up that starts to become a robust company, to our desire to innovate day by day, which led us to start developing Investoland , and to realize our Road Show for Asia and the United States. The challenges are very big, but we promise that we will not stop innovating. SeSocio is at the forefront of the industry, and that is what we will continue to do.

2019 promises to be a very entertaining year, in which we will continue putting all our effort so that our investors have the best investment alternatives, on the safest technology ( Blockchain ) and with the highest liquidity that the market can come to grant ( continuous liquidity protocol ).

Our focus will continue to be on innovation, growth and security. We will not rest until we truly achieve the international democratization of investments.

We truly hope that the year of each one of you is as good, entertaining and exciting as ours is going to be.

We wish you a happy 2019!