Diario Veloz: Investoland, a global network of decentralized investments that has its own cryptocurrency

The first FinChain company, the platform to invest in Argentina and abroad easily and online.

Investors from all over the world have the first FinChain company, a platform that will allow them to generate returns transparently, simply and without bureaucracy. The projects in which they are invested are governed by smart contracts of the Ethereum network to create an automatic process, without friction and drastically reducing costs and delays.

SeSocio.com Inc, a company that combines technology with financial services, presents Investoland , a decentralized global investment network governed by intelligent contracts of the Ethereum network.

The benefits of investing in a system of intelligent contracts of the Ethereum network in Investoland are:

  1. Total transparency, security and automation, eliminating all possibility of human error in day-to-day operations
  2. Lower costs and greater efficiency that maximize the return on investment
  3. The possibility of unbanked people to access dividends for their savings .
  4. The democratization of the field of investments , previously reserved for investors with significant capital and extensive financial knowledge.
  5. Any company, software or individual can base their financial interactions on smart contracts of the Ethereum network with ease and without the need to develop a technology team.
  6. A massive boost to innovation generated by the entry of stagnant capital into the productive economy.

Those who are interested in participating in the Investoland network, must enter the platform, enter their data and verify their identity or enter SeSocio.com and register, the project is already pre-sold by their ICO. It is worth mentioning that there is no minimum investment ticket to join.

The network has the operational backing of SeSocio.com, an investment platform that has already funded 78 projects in 70 thousand investments for more than 430 million pesos. According to these data, more than 10 million dollars are invested through SeSocio.

The first FinChain

By saying that Investoland is the first FinChain company, it means that it combines the principles of the Fintech industry with the Blockchain technology. For Guido Quaranta, CEO of the company, although the creation of Bitcoin dates from 2009, it is not until the last two years, with the advent of the ICO's (Initial Coin Offering), that started talking about Blockchain technology applied to different areas of the real economy.

"Just as cell phone technology has come together with the Internet, or GPS with mass transportation means, to make life easier for consumers, a combination of two major disruptions is about to begin to massify. : Fintech + Blockchain ", the entrepreneur advances.

The mission of Investoland is to be an ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, without considering political borders and leaving behind inefficient traditional models.

One of the problems of investments today, is that their processes are inefficient and thereby harms entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and potential investors.

"Fintech, and fundamentally those related to investments , should be the first to migrate to Blockchain, which means giving its users total transparency, total traceability, total inalterability, total internationalization, total security, and permanently," says Quaranta and goes further: "In the world of online investments , much more than in others, the use of Blockchain is fundamental and necessary to truly give the investor all the rights and protection that correspond to it. It can be done, not using Blockchain is negligence. "


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