Earn profits using our Social Network

Find out more about our Social Network with which you can earn money.

In our migration process to Investoland we want to tell you a little more about our social network, based on economic incentives, with which you will be able to earn money.

Start positioning yourself now in the ranking so you do not stay behind!

Below each publication you can find a forum, where the users of the site can comment, analyze, comment and talk with each other, with the entrepreneurs and with SeSocio about what they want.

The idea is to decentralize trust and that users have communication channels open both with entrepreneurs and with other users. This is why the best ranked users in the social network will receive financial incentives constantly for their participation.

All the comments you make on the site can be voted by other users of the network as positive or negative. The votes of the best ranked users and with the most investments in the platform are going to be worth more than the ones with the lowest ranking and the least investments.

Those who have more interest in the proper functioning of the network, are those who are going to ensure its quality. Those who, according to the algorithm that calculates the ranking are better placed thanks to the votes of the other users, will receive many more economic benefits ( Inve Coins ) for each positive vote than those who are worse ranked.

Start to position yourself from now on, because when the economic benefits begin to be distributed, the algorithm will calculate according to the last 100 days.

You will have a user by default, you can change it here . Update your photo too.

You can participate!