Scope: How to invest in projects that are financed in half an hour

The financing of two artistic projects in Chile achieved the total acceptance of investors in less than an hour. It happened last week through an investment platform, reached a record for the region.

The users of the Sesocio.com platform had the opportunity to be partners in the performance of the shows of the Sexteto Mayor de Tango and the Ballet Nacional Ruso in Chile. Once these initiatives were presented, they were financed in 45 and 28 minutes respectively.

The investment in the projects gave users the right to access 30% of the final profit of the shows, with the guarantee that in case of not reaching the breakeven point, the developer will return the amount invested.

The success in the financing of both projects was also explained by the prestige of the artists and the expectations of the show, the high estimated profitability (ticket sales were above 60% passing both balance points), the support of the developer and the capacity of the platform to process in real time and 100% online the investments of the 256 users who anchored in minutes these innovative projects.

The SeSocio.com platform allows you to participate in these and other investment projects, which were previously reserved for few . It is possible to access these businesses, with no minimum amount, not only to shows, but to Argentine or foreign projects, such as the purchase of land, ATMs, yachts or trucks, and to collect the income that these goods produce. "An online investment supermarket" is defined by its creators.

To start investing through Sesocio.com you must enter the platform, choose the project you want to participate in, the amount you consider convenient, and invest by bank transfer, credit card and even cryptocurrencies .

Once the amount requested by the entrepreneur has been reached, the trust administered by a financial fiduciary registered in CNV transfers the entrepreneur in cash. The platform does not touch the money to give security on the correct application of the funds.

According to how the project is structured, the payments of profits and capital corresponding to the investors will be made proportionally to what each of them has invested.

This type of platform aims to democratize investments and to be able to reach the maximum potential they are developing the Investoland network , which will provide a solution based on intelligent contracts for global investments, driven by its native token, the Inve Coin. Investoland will be a decentralized network of investments built on the blockchain that will allow investment in this technology that the world is talking about.

Both Inve Coin and the projects within SeSocio.com will have a continuous liquidity protocol integrated. This automated mechanism issues constant purchase and sale offers at a price that is adjusted based on supply and demand. This revolutionary liquidity method will only be an addition to the current trading platform between peers, allowing you to have more and better liquidity options to reach the best price, in the shortest possible time.

Investoland will take investments to a new level, eliminating intermediaries, providing greater security and transparency and reducing costs and excessive delays.

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