SeSocio, the Marketplace that offers investment in cultural events with attractive returns

SeSocio.com, based in Argentina, is an investment marketplace, where each entrepreneur or entrepreneur posts his project and financing needs.

Through the platform, investors can show what the business consists of and what the benefits of investing in it can be.

According to the CEO of SeSocio, Guido Quaranta, each project is a separate world. Some offer monthly payments and high returns, while others are very long term without periodic payments and need to wait for the revaluation of the invested asset.

"If someone invests without a minimum amount in Real Estate, is waiting for that property to be revalued, or can invest in a truck for logistics, or in vending machines that make monthly payments according to the performance that can reach between 14% or 19% in dollars, "he says.

For Diego Vega, founder of the "Dives" project, the response through SeSocio came quickly, because he raised funds in only 35 minutes, which -as he says- speaks of the seriousness and prestige of the platform, but also of a group of permanent and anxious investors of proposals, as well as of the offer of a novel product, of high level and with guarantees.

The estimation of profitability, finally, will depend on the management capacity of the entrepreneur from which the investors chose to be partners.

In this aspect, Diego Vega, ensures a return of 30% on the investment, which is much more than that offered by a savings book or a fixed-term deposit.

"This is something tangible, which allows us to follow the history of the process, from the hiring of the artists, the publicity of the same, the development of the production of the event, and the sale of the tickets. Investors, despite being in a passive position, can see how their investment behaves in time from the beginning to the end of the project. I think that makes it very attractive, in addition to profitability, "says the entrepreneur.

The risks

In Chile, a similar platform, called Weeshing, was called into question by investors who accused debts associated with declines in the dates of events managed by the Transistor production company.

In social networks, the claims point to cancellation of concerts and breach of contracts.

Can a situation like this impact other collaborative models?

According to Guido Quaranta, in the world of investments risks can only be reduced, not eliminated, but at higher risk, higher return. "Every project has a risk," he says.

However, SeSocio does a thorough Due Dilligence to have the best product available in its investment showcase, even if the investor chooses at his own risk.

"SeSocio has an inhouse legal team to take all the safeguards and act if necessary on behalf of the investors if it deems necessary. If this were to happen, the investment would certainly have been bad anyway. But, until now it has not been necessary in any of the 82 funded projects, "Guido Quaranta.

SeSocio facilitates participation in investment projects in which it would otherwise be difficult to take part, be it due to bureaucratic issues, geographical location, costs, etc. There are many different instruments that are used to channel the participations.

"The ease of buying a square meter of a Manhattan property and making it liquid through the trading platform is our added value. Anyone can participate, in any type of project and, in addition, sell it whenever they want. The value of SeSocio is to make it easy to invest and receive investment, "says the CEO of the platform.

Responsibility and quality

In the case of Dives, a company linked to the world of entertainment, after a few meetings and a thorough due diligence, SeSocio agreed to put the project on show to captivate those who believe in crowdfunding.

"We are testing the hand of SeSocio with world-class events and in three countries of the continent at the beginning. This business system causes great interest and the model we use provides sufficient guarantees for the investment to offer the possibility of obtaining very good profits, not losses ", explains Diego Vega, founder of Dives.

For Diego Vega de Dives, this is his first experience in the field of crowdfunding, but his feeling is that he has reached the ideal people.

"They are young people, brilliant and with a clear commercial vision, they have a healthy and active platform, personalized and they are in the permanent search of new businesses for their investors", comments on SeSocio.

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