Investoland, the new investment platform with its own cryptocurrency and smart contracts

In order to provide its investors with greater security and efficiency, the investment site SeSocio announced that it will migrate its operations to the Investoland network where its projects will be governed by "smart contracts" with blockchain technology and through the native currency Inve Coin.

The cryptocurrency will go on sale on May 26 and will sell for a dollar; from there, its price will rise until June 7. If the initial offer (ICO) is a success, the company expects the price to oscillate close to US $ 2.50, money that can then be invested in any of the ongoing projects. To learn more about this new business model, ambito.com spoke with the founder and CEO of the company, Guido Quaranta.

In addition, continuing the roadshow that began in Asia, Quaranta presented the platform and the native currency in the United Kingdom, during the London Blockchain Week, which brings together the most important players in the new investment segment globally. Headquartered in the US, he said that the company will set up the fiduciary structure for international contracts in the British capital and will be "the hub from which we will serve customers from all over the world."

Journalist: What is Investoland?

Guido Quaranta: A decentralized investment network based on smart blockchain contracts. We are migrating our SeSocio operations to blockchain to give our investors greater security and efficiency. This way we can also internationalize the projects very easily: anyone can invest and be funded in a global way, without taking into account the borders.

Q .: What is the change for SeSocio users?

GQ: Investoland is a technology and SeSocio will be the first user of this technology. It will run behind SeSocio , which until now operates under an old modality like almost all the companies in the world. Blockchain is nothing more than an inviolable registration system and SeSocio will use this system to make it impossible to manipulate operations.

Q .: Will you notice any difference?

GQ: For the user who does not understand or is not interested in the world blockchain will remain the same as always. But the one who understands knows that he will have much more security and will also have the physical property of the tokens of his projects; Investors may download a token of a truck, a house or a vending machine and store them in a purse criptomonedas as safe, where they charge the return or future revaluation produce. It is an upgrade of the current platform. And one detail: any company that wants to support their financial interactions with smart contracts on Investoland will be able to do so.

Q .: How does Inve Coin work?

GQ: It is the fuel that moves the machine. It also allows us to have a social network in which customers comment on the different projects and other members vote their comments as positive and negative. The best voted by the community will take economic incentives in Inve Coin.

Q .: What is the advantage of the Continuous Liquidity Protocol?

GQ: It has some complexity, but in summary is what generates constant liquidity in the platform, with a selling point and a buyer at the same price, which allows you to buy and sell at any time. This makes the Inve Coin have a floor value that is all the current, so it will have its value tied to the tradable assets in the network. In a market in which we add assets for US $ 1 million per month, the value should go hand in hand. The Inve Coins are finished issuing on June 7 and will never be issued again, so every time we add houses, vending machines or trucks, their value will increase.

Q .: Is there a risk that it will become a speculation tool?

GQ: It is different from other purely speculative cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin ; It will go up if it is backed by the assets of the network. And it is less volatile, especially downward, because it can not be worth less than tradeable assets. If in a moment the investment falls, the value of the project will fall but it will become a buying opportunity for a seasoned investor, who will raise his price again. Upward is different, there is no ceiling, because as we grow the Inve Coin will be more demanded for the projects and, by the dissociation of the aggregate of demand and the take away of offer, they will be worth more.

Q .: How many projects do you have today at SeSocio?

GQ: Today there are 85. The best thing is that, although it may happen that a start up falls, most of the assets will continue to grow and the companies that join will add assets. It is a virtuous circle in which assets can not fall from a floor and will surely grow.

Q .: Is there any new regulation for the Argentine investor with the blockchain migration?

GQ: There is no regulation that impacts, to invest from Argentina is the same as from any country, because basically what we do is use a technology. The Inve Coin itself is not an investment, it is the right to use a network. In the future, a token will rise in price due to demand, but not because it has the promise of a return. It is not a security, it is a utility used to invest in different projects.

Q .: What type of investment surprised you the most?

GQ: The recitals were crazy. We uploaded three projects: one we financed in 45 minutes, the second in 28 and the third in 16. A lot of people stayed outside and they sent us emails to complain ... what better to complain because the product runs out. Now we are in talks with one of the largest companies to finance the show of a very important band in a stadium. The recitals have a high performance. And for the artists it is an advantage, because instead of doing a show they can do three, sell a third of each show in SeSocio and grow faster.

Q .: What amount of investment do you project?

GQ: By the end of the year we should be with a portfolio of tradable assets in the network of US $ 120 million.

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