They launch a store for investors with "blockchain"

With a "crowdfunding", the SeSocio.com platform offers to invest in loans, ATMs, trucks or real estate.

The projects of the real economy, many times, have higher yields than the financial instruments. But for the small investor , the analysis time and its costs, in general, make them unviable.

With this in mind, Guido Quaranta and Gastón Krasny, former directors of Despegar, founded SeSocio.com, a platform in which anyone can search for assets that interest them and participate without a flat of money for as long as they want. "It's like an investment supermarket. Thus, a person can buy a small part of a property in the United States and devote to collecting the rent, often in dollars , and without having to immobilize the capital, hire a real estate agency to administer it, pay bills or taxes, "said Quaranta .

This marketplace (platform) of investments allows the interested party to place money in many different assets (from real estate developments, trucks, ATMs, feedlot , credits or recitals, cryptocurrencies to yachts in the United States, for example) and to diversify the risk. In addition, whoever wants to leave the placement sells his part and recovers the capital at the current price.

Yachts One of the opportunities offered is to invest in yachts in the United States. (Panorama of the Americas)

On the other hand, the tool allows entrepreneurs and companies to obtain resources for their projects from multiple small investors through crowdfunding (collective financing). Everything is structured through a financial trust registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV).

Technological change

SeSocio.com started in May 2017, with the contribution of the partners and with the same funding mechanism that applies to the published projects. Then he made five rounds of capital, the last one a year ago for 50 million dollars.

So far, it has 88 projects financed, 78 thousand investments (of about five thousand active investors) and approximately 500 thousand transactions; and now, the platform is going to move to a stage of growth momentum.

The company is migrating the blockchain technology (block chain) technology, which allows smart contracts and gives more security to transactions, in an investment network that will be called " Investoland ".

For this, it launched a cryptocurrency of its own (InveCoin) that is in the pre-sale stage at a preferential value. The initial offer (ICO, according to its initials in English, Initial Coin Offering) will be on May 26. Each coin will be worth one dollar, but its price will vary depending on the projects of the site.

"Investors should not worry about the technical part, they will not see a difference. But this technology will allow the implementation of a continuous liquidity protocol: anyone will be able to generate purchase and sale orders for the projects constantly, without having to wait for the counterpart, "explained Quaranta.

And he adds that one difference with other cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives is that, in general, ICOs are used to fund the initial project, but in this case it is a platform that is already functioning. This allows the investor to have a more realistic projection of the business.


With technological change, one step that the company will take is to migrate the transactions of international clients to a platform based in Great Britain and maintain the local trust for Argentine investors.

Today, the company has 75 percent of users in Argentina; and the rest, in Chile and in 30 other countries. The idea is to raise this proportion, including the Asian market, and diversify the origin of the projects and the number of investors in each one.

In the country, a pending issue is the collective financing of shares or equity (the one applied today is for products and loans), foreseen in the law of entrepreneurs and regulated in 2018. "In May of last year, we applied to have a equity crowdfunding platform, but the CNV still did not solve anything. We are the only ones to do it because regulation has shortcomings that have to be corrected and did not arouse much interest, but we hope that these issues can be resolved, "concluded the entrepreneur.

Projects: financing

The platform has invested in 88 projects so far.

$ 456 M. The platform has invested nearly 456 million pesos in 88 projects, which involved more than 78 thousand investments.

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