Clarín: Through the crowdfunding method, Marcelo Tinelli's couple raised 75 thousand dollars

They will be used for their fall-winter 2019 collection.

Crowdfunding has become the great alternative of the 21st century for social initiatives or creative projects of any kind to come to market. This system of collective financing, linked to the digital revolution, has a very simple operation: each project collects the money it needs through online donations.

In the style of Hollywood celebrities who invest and undertake technological projects, Guillermina Valdes and her partner Fabián Paz launched their collective financing campaign just a few hours ago for their fall-winter 2019 collection.

Guillermina Valdez broke crowdfunding records with her shoe brand Valdez.

And he achieved what no celebrity did until now. In just a couple of hours, 170 people became investor partners of Valdez, the shoe brand created by Marcelo Tinelli's couple in 2013.

And the campaign was a total success: it raised 75,000 thousand dollars for the production of 790 pairs of shoes divided into five models of the autumn-winter 2019 collection, whose production will be in charge of the Valdez brand.

Guillermina Valdez and her strategy to attract investors.

Beyond the proximity that encourages entrepreneurs to invest in a brand that has been treading the regional fashion market for more than five years, investors will also have their revenue.

After 12 months, the entire investment will be received, plus a fixed annual guaranteed 10%. In addition, depending on the sales obtained, a variable interest is added which, in the best of cases, would bring the return of the investor to 22% in dollars.

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