Infobae: An Argentine company presented its cryptocurrency in the most important global event on blockchain

It was in the framework of London Blockchain Week, in the global heart of the capital market: it is called InveCoin

SeSocio.com presented its decentralized investment network, Investoland, along with its native currency, the InveCoin, in the global heart of the capital market and during the London Blockchain Week , which is the most important global event in the sector.

This forum, which began in 2015 as the Blockchain London Conference and lasted only one day, expanded in 2017 in terms of duration and number of speakers and attendees: some 3,000 people participated this week, which had its main conference in the Grange Tower Bridge , in the heart of London.

This is where SeSocio.com landed with the opening of the company that will operate as the axis of the international market , according to its presentation before the regulatory body of capital of the United Kingdom FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

In turn, its migration to the blockchain was announced with its own cryptocurrency, the InveCoin, which will have a price related to the value of tradable assets in the network .

Guido Quaranta, CEO & Founder of SeSocio , was one of the main speakers of the event and explained to the audience what the tokenization of assets and investments consists of, the advantages of using blockchain and how Investoland will work.

"By creating a decentralized investment network, we aim to democratize investments like never before, allowing small and medium investors to maximize their investment returns in a reliable way," said Quaranta.

The mission of the company is to offer, in an easy, intuitive and 100% online , access to a world previously reserved for a few, with options ranging from real estate businesses, startups, trucks for logistics and even cryptocurrencies.

To see more about the SeSocio conference at London Blockchain Week, you can visit the following link .

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