How to save in times of inflation?

Three tips not to lose against inflation.

Many times we wonder how we can save if the prices of products and services rise too fast and at a faster rate than wages. If you think that it is not worth saving, and you are one of the many people who face this problem, take a few minutes and pay attention to these three strategies of how to take care of your savings in inflation time.

How to save in a country with high inflation rates?

Although it is not necessary, we clarify the saving methods that do not work in times of inflation:

1. Keeping money in cash is not recommended, since a minimum inflation, will eat your savings.

2. Keep the money in banks is not a good idea, when inflation is higher than the interest paid by the bank to keep your money with them.

If it is not advisable to have cash ("below the mattress"), or deposited in banks, where can you save your savings? How to beat inflation?

Method # 1

Invest your savings in gold, metals, or jewelry.

In times of crisis, gold, silver and other metals are considered a good investment, since their value does not depend on the situation in your country, but on the global situation.

Disadvantage: If after a while you want to recover your savings immediately, it can be difficult to sell at a good price. Also, being physical goods these could be stolen or lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to save much of your savings in this way.

Method # 2

Save the savings in a stable foreign currency.

If your country's currency quickly loses its value, you can keep your money in a more stable foreign currency. For example, buy dollars, and convert them to your currency only when you need to use your savings.

Disadvantage: in times of medium or high inflation, it can be difficult to find a good exchange rate. In addition, today, the spread between buying and selling currencies is huge, so if your savings is planned in the short term this alternative is only good business for banks and exchange houses.

Method # 3

Invest your savings in assets.

The best thing is to invest your money in projects that involve movable or immovable property, and that their returns exceed inflation.

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