InvestoLand partners with Atix Labs to check your token

Atix Labs will review the code of the Inve Coin to provide a greater degree of confidence

SeSocio.com partnered with Atix Labs, a software lab, to review the Inve Coin code. They hope to bring a greater degree of confidence to the company's native token of alternative investments.

SeSocio.com was born with the objective of democratizing investments and allowing small investors to have access to assets that were beyond their reach.

With a digital platform, you can now have a part of the asset property with a great value. No need to have bank accounts abroad or lawyers in charge of reviewing contracts can, for example, invest in real estate developments abroad or luxury yachts.

Investoland will be a decentralized network of investments on which companies, softwares or individuals can operate, basing their financial interactions on smart contracts with ease and without the need to develop a technology team.

SeSocio will be the first platform to use the Investoland network for its investments, and thanks to it, it will be able to add a social network based on economic incentives to its platform, in order to decentralize trust and generate a community that takes care of itself.

It will also add its continuous liquidity protocols system , both for the Inve Coin and for the projects within SeSocio. In this way the users the projects will always have a market price and the investors will be able to enter and exit automatically and constantly, without the need to find another tip for their purchase.

With the development of Investoland, they seek to capture a market that moves millions of dollars a day. The combination of real economy and blockchain projects will be a very important step for the financial world since investors will have real possession of their assets, in a transparent manner and at minimum costs, which would not be possible if it were not for security of this technology that is changing the way of registering data worldwide.

The Inve Coin will have a floor price tied to the tradable assets in the platform. This can be explained, in large part, thanks to the system of continuous liquidity protocols.

For example: if the price of the Inve Coin were lower than the value of the tradable assets in the network, these would become a purchase opportunity. Being a buying opportunity, if a wise market is achieved, investors would buy the assets by raising the value of the Inve Coin back to its balance point.

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