The Salta portal: How the first regional investment platform based on blockchain works

SeSocio will be the first company to have its operations in this platform, tokenizing all its assets to its native currency, the Invecoin

If you want to invest with greater transparency, security and automation, minimizing any possibility of human error in day-to-day operations; with lower costs and greater efficiency that allow to maximize the return on investment; and without a minimum investment amount that is not very accessible, then the platform launched by SeSocio can be an interesting opportunity. "

SeSocio is an investment platform that allows any type of investor to participate without a minimum amount and 100% online in investment alternatives that otherwise would be very difficult to access: buying a truck in the United States, a department in Manhattan, a yacht , ATMs ... all goods or products that produce a monthly income in dollars can be invested through SeSocio in a simple way, with transfers, credit cards or cryptocurrencies, explains Guido Quaranta, CEO of SeSocio.

"The investor chooses which project to participate in, makes the payment, and when he wants to leave the project -which is an added value that SeSocio has-, he can sell his different assets in the trading platform to another investor, who wants to enter. This gives him liquidity and allows him to leave and enter the different projects when it is convenient. "

InveCoin is the native cryptocurrency of Investoland . Investoland is a technology developed by SeSocio that will have its own currency, InveCoin, developed by the company itself with the aim of further democratizing the field of investment, historically reserved for a few with large capital. This technology is intended for any company, software or individual, who can base their financial interactions on smart contracts with ease and without the need to develop a technology team.

SeSocio will be the first company to have its operations in Investoland, tokenizing all its assets. "The InveCoin will be the fuel of Investoland and what is particular about it is that it will have a floor value related to the value of the tradable assets in the network. As these grow month by month, with new projects that we add -new homes, new trucks, new boats-, they will give the currency a new value every month, "adds Quaranta. Investoland and SeSocio also have a social network in which "users analyze the projects, discuss and comment on the progress of each of the projects and vote among them, positively or negatively. The best ranked users in the network will receive financial incentives for their participation. "

The crusade of SeSocio is related to the large number of investors who currently invest in cryptocurrencies , but want to dump those investments into the real economy without leaving the blockchain. "With the development of Investoland, SeSocio will grow internationally: it will capture part of a market that moves between 10 thousand and 20 thousand million dollars a day. This conjunction between the real economy and blockchain is what Investoland is what it is developing, and there we go with SeSocio, "says Quaranta.

To clear more doubts and expand concepts, Quaranta answered more questions:

What is a "smart contract"?

It is a program that executes an action when a certain event occurs. Then an investor, when operating on smart contracts, what he knows is exactly when and why he will collect his rent, and in what way. Because the smart contract runs automatically, therefore it does not depend on whether a person is executing a payment or an action, but that it will trigger when the preset event occurs.

What determines the value of the "InveCoin"?

InveCoin, thanks to the system of continuous liquidity protocols, will have a market value similar to that of tradable assets in the network, to avoid arbitrage. If the InveCoin is worth less than the tradable assets in the network are worth, they will be converted into a buying opportunity. Therefore, as it is a buying opportunity, in a wise market, investors will buy them and they will increase the value of the currency again. Then the InveCoin will grow hand in hand with the value of the assets that are added to our platform. Not only SeSocio will be a user of Investoland, but other investment companies, other individuals or other software that want to base their financial operations on smart contracts, will settle on Investoland. That is to say that not only SeSocio will generate assets that give value to the currency, but other companies or individuals will also do so.

How is an investment crystallized?

Investing in the different projects is very easy: people enter the site, analyze the different projects, decide which one to invest according to their preferences, according to the risk they choose to take. Choose, press the "reverse" button, send a transfer, or pay with a card or any cryptocurrency and you already own a portion of that asset. By owning that portion of the asset, you will benefit from the income that that asset pays or with the future sale of that asset through the trading platform.

If someone wants to participate or invest in Investoland, you can buy the InveCoin, which is a future right to use the network, on the SeSocio platform with a significant discount. Investoland is going to add a continuous liquidity protocol, which will constantly generate a purchase order and a sales order, allowing any investor to enter or leave the project at the time it deems necessary without waiting for a counterparty, which could be another investor. It is this liquidity protocol that will give a floor value to the InveCoin, related to the tradable assets in the network.

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