SeSocio en Ambito Financiero

The platform offers all types of investors the possibility to participate in a wide variety of projects, ranging from cryptocurrencies to real estate, and from fashion to shows.

SeSocio, the first investment marketplace in the region, continues with strong growth and completed 100 projects financed in less than two years, becoming the digital platform with the most projects funded in Latin America.

It offers all types of investors the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of projects, ranging from cryptocurrencies to real estate, and from fashion to shows.

As a celebration, SeSocio joined the LATAM Pass miles program that offers one mile for every dollar invested through its platform. In addition to investing and receiving attractive returns, the investor adds miles to go on vacation.

Guido Quaranta, founder of the SeSocio.com platform

To continue with its expansion, SeSocio is entering strategic markets such as Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia to offer its wide range of investments , at the same time as it plans to attract investment products in those countries.

This international projection allows users of the collaborative platform to diversify their risk in different projects, and in different countries, deciding between short, medium and long-term products; low, medium and high profitability; and monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments.

Inve Coin

SeSocio is already offering, through its platform, how to be part of its growth through the pre-sale of its own cryptocurrency, called Inve Coin, whose formal issuance (ICO, Initial Coin Offering) is expected in June. It is estimated that the issue is a success, given that the value of the Inve Coin will be tied to the value of the assets present in the platform, which will increase steadily over time.

On the other hand, the issue of Inve Coin will offer greater liquidity to investments through an innovative mechanism called " Continuous Liquidity Protocol " that will allow those who want to buy or sell to do so at any time without the need to find a counterparty. .

Thus, the investor will be able to exchange their tokens of the different projects or their currencies for dollars and vice versa. This decentralized network of investments that has the Inve Coin as a native token will be called Investoland , and promises to revolutionize the world of investments .


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