IProup: There are "4.0" investment boom, which offer earnings of up to 40%

Another platform for investing abroad is SeSocio, with the crowdfunding method.

Once again, Argentines must face the crisis. It is hard to get to the end of the month, inflation eats the salary, companies sell little and the specter of unemployment collapses the level of expectations.

On the financial level, the dollar escapes and the Government appeals to everything that it has at its disposal to put a brake on it, while it remains a prisoner of the "stocks at the rate": it was left without room to maneuver to make it fall to normal levels of such way of giving impetus to the economy. As reported by iProUP, only last Thursday the purchase of green tickets in the retail channel was close to US $ 100 million, against the US $ 800 million that were operated throughout March.

Other platforms to invest abroad are SeSocio , but with the crowdfunding method: users who participate in pool of the purchase of an asset, such as a property, and then divide the profits generated by their income or sale.

They can also be other types of bets ranging from franchises of a brand to distribution trucks or ATM networks, for example. "On Friday the level of transactions in the platform increased fivefold compared to a normal day," assures iProUP , Guido Quaranta, CEO of SeSocio.

The platform does not require minimum amounts and registration is online: everything over 18 is registered with your ID and proof of income. The funds can be channeled through bank transfers, credit cards and even virtual currencies.

"Users buy tokens or small holdings in different assets in various parts of the world," says Quaranta.

In his vision, Argentines are attracted by this modality, since "even if the project goes wrong, the asset maintains its value." In this way, the risk of losing money is reduced and, if necessary, that good is sold. "

In addition, the platform has a secondary market in which they can market their participation in a project. "Those who benefit the most are those who do not have the possibility of having an account, lawyers and accountants abroad", summarizes Quaranta.

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