Scope: SeSocio closed alliance with RSK to operate with smart contracts

Santiago Sabater, Crypto Economist of SeSocio.com provides details on the migration of operations to intelligent contracts with blockchain technology, the advances of the Investoland network and the recent agreement with RSK.

The leading platform in collective investments, SeSocio.com , through Investoland sealed a partnership with RSK to become one of the first global platforms developed on the Bitcoin network . Its native currency will be the Inve Coin, and it will be tied to the value of tradable assets in the network.

In this way, Investoland makes an upgrade and is associated with RSK, the first open source platform that allows the implementation of intelligent contracts secured by the strongest network in the world.

With this agreement, Investoland will develop its decentralized network of investments in the RSK platform. This platform is positioned well above other blockchain solutions in terms of security and efficiency.

Santiago Sabater Crypto Economist of SeSocio.com provides details on the migration of operations to intelligent contracts with blockchain technology , the advances of the Investoland network and the recent agreement with RSK. It also analyzes the evolution of this platform that connects entrepreneurs looking for financing with investors.

Santiago Sabater Crypto Economist of SeSocio.com.

Journalist: They have more than 100 projects funded How do you evaluate this route?

Santiago Sabater: In these two years we found a real need for the market, that all savers and all types of investors had no way to invest in the projects we offer, such as buying a dollar from a Manhattan apartment or $ 10 from a truck in the Florida. It was not a viable option and it was not in anyone's mind. When people thought about investments, they thought about fixed terms, perhaps the most understood was a peer-to-peer lending platform, but investing in real economy projects and partnering with interesting ventures that give much higher returns than any financial institution, is something that it was not possible before SeSocio.com

Q .: What differentiates them from crowdfunding?

SS: We do not like the word crowdfunding because it is more related to collections that in return give you gifts, or tickets to a concert or product. Here you put silver with the objective of withdrawing money, it is an investment crowdfunding.

Q. Of the projects funded, which ones were the most novel?

SS: We had a round of projects that were shows, where people associated in musical shows to be held in Chile and in northwestern Argentina. The people were associated, paid for the preparation, the salaries, the premises and in case of having exhausted seats, they expect a return of 68.62% in 5 months. The return is tied to the number of seats that are sold. For example, if 60% of the tickets are sold, the investor receives a percentage of that, tied to the performance of the project. The truth is very interesting because you have to keep a close eye on the band and see how they are doing, as the tickets are being sold. And depending on your expectations you can sell your participation in the trading platform, or buy more. A goal for our company is to have a footballer, but by different regulations now it is somewhat complicated, but we are working on that.

Q .: How do you define the business?

SS: We are an investment supermarket, eventually we will have more traditional or conservative investments and on the site you can find real estate with houses in Detroit, apartments in Manhattan and then you have more "crazy" ideas like these concerts that were financed. There is also everything more volatile that different cryptocurrencies can be. The idea is that in SeSocio you can choose what to invest in, from the most conservative to the most risky.

Q .: What is the profile of the investor?

SS: We look for all types of investors to benefit from what is available at SeSocio; they are young people who before could not access because they did not have the minimum amount for the investment, or bigger as people who want to buy an apartment but do not want to deal with the tenant, with the administration and the rest. That is the broad target that SeSocio has. We had many successes with small and medium savers who had savings and never saw a business opportunity other than a fixed term, which inherently gives the worst result.

Q .: How long will return be achieved?

SS: It depends on the project, being a wide offer the conditions are always raised by the entrepreneur and the investor who decides whether to invest or not. We have projects for example that give returns in three years, others that pay every week. We have the cryptocurrencies that give no return but the investor expects them to revalue.

Q .: What is the latest news on the platform?

SS: We are migrating our operations to blockchain technology. All the projects that we were talking about, trucks, departments, concerts, we are all going to migrate to smart blockchain technology contracts, in this way we can assure the investor even more that his investment is transparent and efficient and more than anything that is unmanageable.

Q .: How does this impact the investor?

SS: For the investor means a lot more confidence, the blockchain technology is nothing more than an immutable record of what you want. By registering all the projects that are on the platform in blockchain technology, the investor knows that nobody can manipulate anything.

Q .: Is the operation the same?

SS: One of the great difficulties that people have with new technologies is that those who provide the products in general do not give the facility to the inexperienced investor. We are not going to modify the user experience, although any more technological investor who wants to interact directly with these intelligent contracts can do so. We want to give people who do not have technological knowledge or blockchain knowledge the possibility of interacting with smart contracts. We came to continue democratizing the world of investments and we are supporting ourselves in blockchain technology to do it in a much more transparent way. And we do it with the development of Investoland.

Q .: What is Investoland?

SS: It is a decentralized global network of investments supported by blockchain technology and smart contracts, what we are doing is providing a solution to investments in the world. Then, SeSocio will pass all its projects to this Investoland network that operates with blockchain technology and smart contracts. The idea is that any person or software can support their financial interactions in smart contracts. At this moment we are developing the network and we are financing it with the sale of the Inve Coin which is the native token of the Investoland network. Inve Coin will have a market price tied to the value of tradable assets in the network. And that makes it very different from other more speculative cryptocurrencies, since tradable assets are in constant growth

Q .: How does that process come?

SS: It comes very well, and we made very interesting alliances in the process, we started in October and it will end on August 16th.

Q .: What is the alliance with RSK?

SS: The Investoland network will be developed on top of the bitcoin network. RSK is a platform that allows to secure intelligent contracts with the Bitcoin network, which is the safest in the world. We created an alliance with them to pose Investoland on RSK.

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