I discovered the 9 most disruptive business ideas of the year

SeSocio.com participated in the 2016 Fintech Program organized by the business incubator NXTP Labs, one of the largest and most recognized in the country.

Note published in Creando Riquezas

It's not easy to have disruptive business ideas .

These are proposals that can change the world completely, those that have the power to return millionaires from one day to the next to whoever carries them out.

Argentina is a country where there are many cases of extreme success of this caliber: Andy Freire with Officenet, Marcos Galperin with MercadoLibre and the founding team of Globant, are three good examples.

In Creando Wealth today we are going to present 9 startups with disruptive business ideas within the field of technology and finance (sector known as " Fintech ").

These future promises participated in the 2016 Fintech Program organized by the business incubator NXTP Labs , one of the largest and most recognized in the country.

Knowing them will let you know what is brewing in the national " entrepeneur ". We hope that with this information business ideas that are disruptive to you also arise so that you can grow your business or launch a business with chances to conquer the world.

9 disruptive business ideas

  1. BolsApp

It is a stock market App for intelligent decision making.

In his own words: " in our market, there are numerous applications that can give quotes in real time, graph stock trends, or show news, such as Bolsapp. Bolsapp aims to revolutionize the way in which the end user increases their economic potential. It will not be an easy road, but a marathon starts with the first step . "

Bolsapp allows anyone to access information on the current Argentine financial market. Together, you can have and customize an investment portfolio to be able to get the most out of it with the minimum risk.

  1. Cashdelta

Cashdelta is a platform for providing financial statements in real time.

It is designed to facilitate the preparation of the financial statements of a company and to manage their balance sheets more organically and effectively.

The digitization of business accounts is here to stay. And the entrepreneurs behind Cashdelta have proposed being one of the leaders in this segment with this disruptive business idea .

  1. CashingApp

Here we are facing a crowdfunding application for social events, such as meals, birthday gifts, roasts, among others. It allows to solve social payments between groups of acquaintances.

CashingApp gives the user the possibility to organize an event and invite all participants to collect the money through this application.

  1. Defects

Defacturas is a platform that integrates electronic invoicing, means of payment, marketplaces and commercial tools.

This startup has another idea of disruptive business that is to facilitate both companies and monotributistas the issue of billing, so they can have a perfect management, more organic and integrated in order to save time and have their finances more orderly.

Defacturas has in its curriculum with having been selected by the Fintech Radar Argentina as one of the 60 most interesting proposals in the country.

  1. InsuranceAP

This contract service of personal accident insurance through the web is the first company in the country dedicated to meet this need of the industry.

SeguroAp is already fully operational, growing daily. Its founders explain what they do with the following words:

" SeguroAP.com is the web that came to simplify the cumbersome procedures that required to assure personnel temporarily. Now, without queues, transfers or delays, from the Internet, through any device and thanks to an attractive system, from any place and at any time, from Monday to Monday, temporary workers can be assured.

A modern, complete and easy-to-use service for contracting personal accident insurance. We broke the paradigms and traditional concepts of "making insurance for employees". "

  1. Sesocio.com

Sesocio.com is a markeplace and platform trading that provides unsophisticated investors with alternatives that are currently inaccessible to him.

Its operation in as simple as useful and revolutionary. Here, commercial projects seeking financing are exposed. Individual investors have the opportunity to invest in them directly, in exchange for a return on future earnings.

This disruptive business idea got the necessary funds to start campaigning on its own platform, to prove its success.

  1. Smarketeer

Smarketeer is a marketing software that uses predictive analytics to understand which visitors are going to become customers.

It is a tool that seeks to connect all the marketing and sales data that a company has to help it make better digital business, increasing its sales and reducing customer acquisition costs.

This disruptive business idea can be useful if you lean towards digital marketing and email and internet sales.

  1. The Eye

It is a platform that centralizes the knowledge of infrastructure and operations of a company.

The idea of disruptive business of The Eye comes to be a platform focused on reducing costs and improving service in situations of computer systems failures.

Thanks to it, it will be possible for all the systems of a company to work better and, when there is a problem, it will be solved as soon as possible.

  1. Wuabi

Wuabi is a crowdfunding marketplace of agricultural projects

It is presented as a disruptive business idea since, in particular, it is the first collective platform of opportunities in agriculture and livestock in Argentina.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized savers to participate in a growing market, such as agriculture and livestock. It is a market that many find difficult to access because of the large amounts needed to invest.

But thanks to Wuabi they can do it with the amount they choose, selecting the projects that are most attractive to them.