Art is the best investment: How to own a great work from 10 pesos

Crowdfunding comes to Art from the hand of SeSocio.com

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SeSocio.com is the first investment Marketplace for those who want to develop a start-up, make a particular investment in an existing business or sell part of their art collection, contacting them with investors eager to place their capital in ventures or artistic proposals of your interest

According to Guido Quaranta, CEO and founder of SeSocio.com , "crowdfunding is the democratization of finance, since it allows people to invest in different options that they previously did not have access to because they manage low amounts. The investment in art until now was for a few, this new alternative gives access to the whole world. "

Crowdfunding has been growing at rates of between 100 and 300 percent in recent years in Europe and the United States, and in 2015 it is estimated that it moved 35 billion dollars worldwide.

SeSocio.com allows collectors to sell part of their works, keeping the administration on them and the investor to buy, for example, 5 percent of a work of Berni without moving from home, as an investment in the face of a future new sale. This is achieved thanks to the figure of the trust.

"Suppose an artist or a collector puts on sale 30 percent of a work valued at 100 thousand pesos; In turn, people interested in investing in art enter SeSocio.com and buy, for example, 1 percent of that work at 1,000 pesos. This work, later, can be sold by the administrator in 150 thousand pesos, with which the investor would withdraw 1,500 pesos for the part that corresponds ", explains Quaranta.

If the investor wants to recover his money, he could sell his "participation" on the work in the SeSocio.com trading platform at the price at which another investor is willing to buy it, these transactions being governed exclusively by supply and demand.

This business model allows, both in the art and in any of the other alternatives present in the platform, to diversify the investment, giving the possibility of placing small sums in numerous projects, thus reducing the risk.

While in   SeSocio.com   it is possible to opt for different options, the case of art is the most revolutionary, since it mixes patronage with profitability, and enables collectors and emerging artists to obtain funds without physically getting rid of the works to reinvest in more art and thus generate a multiplier process

Art has been the best investment throughout history and is adapting to the new business processes demanded by information technologies. Guido Quaranta says that "crowdfunding is not a new product, nor a new market, it is a new industry that is here to stay, and art will know how to take advantage of it".