Invest without being an expert

It is an idea that is in view of all entrepreneurs; since it deals is totally new and fresh.

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It is an idea that is in view of all entrepreneurs; since it deals is totally new and fresh.

This is the company SeSocio.com , its owners two entrepreneurs who also worked at the company Despegar.com.

Those who left their jobs, resigned and today has this very profitable company whose numbers point to close with a turnover this 2017 with the amount of u $ d 16 million .

What is SeSocio.com about?

It is a totally online company and it is new in the market, since it started working since May 2017.

In the words of Quaranta, one of its founders, the company is in charge of " Commissioning the amounts transacted through the platform ".

To realize this idea of its founders, an investment of US $ 300 thousand dollars is needed .

This investment was provided by two types of investors: first by 132 retail investors and second by what they call "Angel Investors" who contributed the most capital.

In this sense, the money was financed thanks to a project driven by the Star-ups themselves.

It is an investment marketplace , through which those who want to participate as investors can opt for options that are almost impossible to imagine.

Invest in businesses related to Real Estate, business abroad or crowdfunding in which a minimum amount of investment is not required to be accepted.

Your acceptance

The accelerated acceptance that this new company has had, according to the words of its own founders, is that it is a 100% online service .

On the other hand, it allows investors to participate in profitable businesses in a simple way and without bureaucratic and limitative procedures.

Another point in favor of SeSocio.com is the amount to invest; since traditionally it would be required an amount that always tends to be high.

However, in this company there is no minimum amount to invest, and investments of only $ 500 have been recorded.

A deserved recognition

SeSocio.com was selected by the government of Chile to participate in its stand-up; In the same way, it is receiving support from Sinergia Uruguay .

As for Argentina, it has support from the Ministry of Science and Technology through Fonsoft.

Similarly, government support from the City of Buenos Aires.

Finally, SeSocio.com NXTP Labs was chosen in its FinTech Argentina 2016 Program .

About its Founders

As mentioned, there were two professional co-workers at Despegar.com

Guido Quaranta , who came up with the idea of starting with SeSocio.com and communicated it to his partner.

Guido holds a degree in Administration, a UBA graduate.

Gastón Krasny Bachelor of Computer Science graduated from the same university.

That is to say, it is not surprising the great success that SeSocio.com has had, since it is in charge of a great team of professionals, who just have a lot of experience and experience.

Quaranta with more than ten years in the financial and commercial field, titles of Magister in finance from the University of Torcuato Di Tella.

And on the other hand Krasny with ten years in the software industry; in addition to being responsible for the platform as well as the architecture of Despegar.com.