Multinational seeks entrepreneurs from the city

They must compete to earn a place in the grand final in Buenos Aires

Note published on ON24

On Wednesday, September 21, the Seedstars World event is held in Rosario, a global startup competition that seeks the best entrepreneurs in Argentina. The 10 best startups in Rosario will have to compete to win a place in the grand final in Buenos Aires.

Local entrepreneurs will be invited to compete in front of a panel formed by a jury of national and international referents and compete to advance to the next stage. Rosario's winning projects will join the Seedstars family globally, will have a place in the final of Seedstars World Argentina and will be invited to participate in the Regional Summit for Latin America, which will be held in our country and will bring together the best entrepreneurs in the whole region.

The event will take place from 2 pm, in Zona i - Polo Tecnológico, city of Rosario. In addition to the startup skills, lectures will be held on topics related to entrepreneurs, technology, innovation and sustainability.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation, through the National Program of Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (PROESUS), will also accompany the development of the competition. It will choose a local winner as part of the category of sustainable development, which it sponsors with Seedstars, with the objective of identifying, connecting and strengthening projects that, through the use of new technologies, offer high impact, environmental, social and economically sustainable over time.

The pre-selected projects to compete in the local edition of SSW Rosario are: Imagine, CrowdParking, Peddilo, Chancereando, Carpoolear +, Alo Fans, PowerGym, Simpocity, Watcha Live, SeSocio.com .

To attend, entrepreneurs can register for free through: bit.ly/sswrosario.

The grand finale of Seedstars World Argentina will be held in Buenos Aires on September 22nd, an event in which the project that will represent our country in the Global Summit that will be held in Switzerland next year will be chosen.

Seedstars World is developed in our country by the hand of Tomás Costanzo, current ambassador of Seedstars in Argentina and founder of Ideas Factory, a program of support to entrepreneurs to organization that, through consulting, training and mentoring, accompanies entrepreneurs to Through the entire entrepreneurial process, from the pre-acceleration of their ideas to the incubation and financing of their projects. The local edition to be held in Rosario is co-organized Club de Emprendedores LA y Zona i.