Sinergia WTC opens its doors

With new location in the World Trade Center, the company receives the sixth generation of incubated

Note published in: El País newspaper


Little by little, Uruguay begins to form a fintech ecosystem, which supports companies that combine finance and technology. And in this context, Sinergia and its Incubator, with a modern physical space, an active community and a tailor-made incubation program, are positioned as pioneers in this field.

Paola Rapetti, director of the Sinergia Incubator affirms that "either because of market and industry opportunities, because of our capabilities as a group, or because of the dream of getting the best companies in the region, we understand that focusing on the fintech sector is a need."

According to the director, the irruption of technology in the financial sector and the appearance of actors that mediate outside traditional models represent an opportunity to generate value to customers, improve productivity, combat informality and improve efficiency in services.

With this perspective in mind, Sinergia chose seven companies to be part of the sixth generation of its Batch Fintech program. The initiative aims to help the founders identify their priorities and problems and focus their resources, in order to help them make the best decisions.

The selected projects have as central axis to create and / or offer financial services in a more efficient and less expensive way thanks to technological tools. The start ups selected for the sixth generation of Batch Fintech were seven, with projects ranging from financial education and mobile payments, to donations platform, electronic invoicing and retirement insurance.

The selected ones Among the chosen companies is the Clinkky app, which promotes savings in children and young people supervised by an adult, in a playful environment, with tips on financial education and planning. SOM, on the other hand, calculates the gap between what an individual would want to collect from retirement and what they will actually charge, and guides them between different solutions to resolve the difference.

The Bgood online platform helps NGOs find their donors in an innovative way, introducing the concept of "Donation by Portfolio". The system works in the following way: the application brings together the organizations according to the cause in which they work: Social inclusion, nature and education, and with a single donation all the NGOs of the Portfolio are supported.

On the other hand, Cacao provides a solution to thousands of small businesses, sole proprietors and freelancers that do not support payments with credit or debit cards. The application sends money to friends or pays for products and services easily and securely using any mobile device.

Wayni mobile, on the other hand, is a new app that allows you to access a loan without having to go to the bank or perform extensive procedures. And with just three simple steps the applicant can withdraw the money at the kiosk in his neighborhood.

Another of the selected ones was Biller, which offers companies a solution that integrates electronic invoicing with the possibility of receiving and making online payments from their customers and suppliers. It also has a multi-currency trading platform that gives the company liquidity, being able to recover its capital and profits when they consider it necessary.

Finally, Sesocio is an investment marketplace that allows non-sophisticated investors to participate through crowdfunding, with no minimum amount and 100% online, of investment alternatives that until now were inaccessible to them, such as startups, real estate or international businesses.

Hand in hand with the incubator, these ventures will have an extensive network of mentors, links with the main investors in the region and will become part of one of the best coworking spaces in Latin America.

Open call . On the other hand, until August 21 Incubator Sinergia is convoking all those Latin American entrepreneurs with innovative projects to be part of a new edition of the Batch Fintech program. The Incubator looks for multipurpose projects, with capacity for growth and generation of impact in all sectors.

The selection process lasts for about a month and a half, and consists of the following steps: run through the web of Incubadora Synergy , an interview preselection, and those who pass this final stage will perform a mandatory attendance pitch against a committee composed of the staff of the Incubator, members of the ANII and external juries, who will evaluate the applicants.

The winning companies will thus become part of the incubation program, and will receive seed capital of USD 25,000 for their venture.

Inauguration and a night of "pitch" in Sinergia WTC

Today a new Sinergia premises is opened in WTC. And with the aim of showing the new headquarters, as well as the profile of the enterprises that will be staying there, last Thursday the Sinergia Incubator organized its traditional monthly event Pitch Night, where the founders of three different ventures presented their projects.

The exhibitors were Pablo Astigarraga, founder of the Cacao company, which allows to charge credit cards using mobile devices, Dani Vianna, founder of Inversionate, the platform of loans between people and Nicolás Galarza, founder of Quiena, a personalized financial advisor that allows Entrepreneurs invest in other markets.

As usual at this event, expert panelists from the sector were invited to give their comments and evaluations to the founders, and this time they participated in the Diego Vallarino panel, from Equifax, Pedro Moreira, from Banco Itaú and Matín Larre, CEO of Synergy