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Annual Renewal Plate: CA76TM

According to the news published on 05/22/2018 with its respective invoice, the "Annual Renewal of Truck Plates" was carried out . As discussed at that time, March 31 of each year is the expiration date of all license plates registered under the SeSocio Trust, which must be renewed in order to continue operating in compliance with the regulations. In the attachment we share the Cab Cards of all the trucks, these being the Official Documents issued by the base jurisdiction of the trucks, where they are detailed:

  • Plate numbers
  • The registered weights.
  • Each jurisdiction where they are authorized to do business.
  • More information needed.

As you can see in them, the expiration date of these documents is 02/28/2019.


Project Information

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Your truck goes to the Fleet

Your truck becomes part of the fleet of SeSocio.com in 4H Logistics, as the third truck with its first month of production, which is going to atomize the risk as they are adding trucks. I followed the news of the fleet .


Your truck is insured

Here we show you the liability insurance certificate of your truck.


This is the license plate of your truck!

Here you can see the record of the plate with which your truck operates.


This is your truck tomorrow starts working!

This is the picture of your truck! Tomorrow, November 1st, start working!