4H Logistics - Camión IX

Find the news of the investments project 4H Logistics - Camión IX.


Your truck goes to the Fleet star

Your truck becomes part of the fleet of SeSocio.com in 4H Logistics, as a ninth truck, which will be atomizing the risk as they are adding trucks. I followed the news of the fleet .


Competitive advantages of Truck Logistics in the USA

Currently, land transport is one of the most promising and safest businesses in the market, which is why many Latin American investors opted to bet on a business abroad.

Today in the USA, Logistics is an industry that makes more than US $ 800 billion per year, so it became one of the most profitable and fastest growing. In recent years there has been an increase in operations in this area, and companies have not been able to meet current demand.

Around 80% of merchandise is transported by land, this means that trucks became one of the best ways to transport supplies for the American market. Another of its most substantial advantages lies in legal, economic and political security when operating in the United States. This item generates enough profitability with the "Fleet of Trucks" format and can exceed 35% per year.

What is a fleet of trucks?

Trucks that belong to the same company and operate jointly to generate returns to the investor are called "Trucks Fleet". Thanks to the tax benefits granted by the USA, it is very easy to obtain a lower tax burden by exempting the Icome Tax or income tax from those who constitute a company in its jurisdiction. That is why from Sesocio we offer you the possibility of approaching this type of project, in which any person wishing to invest, without a minimum amount, can be part of a fleet of trucks with tax benefits from the moment of the investment.


Rent of July 2018 Truck IX

In July, your earnings were 2.82% annualized, and the project has an annualized% average.

This truck will go to the fleet in the month of August.

The total invoiced was USD 8600. That is the rest of the Driver's payment, plus the factoring (invoice collection process), the Dispatcher's commissions, maintenance expenses, the Sesocio.com commission, leaving 2.82 % annual rent

In the file of the route of the truck according to the 3 trips he made, he has from left to right the route he took and the company for which he made the transport.

In the next column, the number of miles that he loaded, and then the ones he emptied. This gives you a total return of USD 1.89 per mile.

See Route Truck IX

Here you can see the expenses of the truck IX

Maintenance expenses Truck IX


Your truck has already left!

In July the truck IX came out

The 4H Logistics company informed that the IX truck is already operational since July 9, 2018. Therefore, it becomes part of the truck fleet at SeSocio.com.

As we discussed in your opportunity, two documents necessary to enable the truck and enable its entry into operation were not yet printed. One of these, Apportioned Cab Card, was sent today by 4H Logistics so you will find it attached. This document details both the technical data of the unit and the States for which it is authorized to operate.


Novelty truck IX

On the day of the date 4H Logistics informed us that in the next few days it will be receiving the plate corresponding to the unit in question, so it estimates that it will start operations in the first days of next week.


News of truck IX

On the day of the date, 4H Logistics has sent us both the Purchase Invoice and the Unit Title of the unit. In the next few days we will be notifying the reception of the other documents necessary for the truck to be able to move, and therefore, enter into operations.