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Estimados inversores,

Habiéndose cumplido el plazo prometido y ante las reiteradas insistencias de SeSocio y del fiduciario, el abogado del fideicomiso se comunicó con los abogados de Oddysey para entender la situación. Sebastián Ponceliz comentó a Sesocio que se encuentran "trabajando en la propuesta para pasar los próximos días dado que es una estructuración compleja".  Se avanzará con la intimación formal.


You have already started receiving profits and now your network goes to the ATM portfolio.

As the tellers start paying, the network will grow!

I followed the news of the ATM portfolio


In the attached file you have the details of the transactions per day from January 24 to February 02.

You can see the income for the total of the transactions that were made in each ATM. Take into account that each ATM has a different income per transaction and the number of operations varies.

These first days the total income was USD 258.21, which represent 5.31% per year in dollars of return on the initial investment.

As the network matures, the number of operations will increase and your income will grow exponentially.

In addition, we remind you that each month the Interexchage payment is received, an income of USD 0.15 per transaction and maintenance, insurance, fee payments for working capital and the amortization receipt are made.

Congratulations on your first week of earnings!

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Congratulations you collected your first rent!

The network of 25 ATMs started working on January 24 and has already been making profits!

In the chart you can see the yield of 5.31% per year in dollars and this is just beginning! The following weeks the cashiers will continue optimizing and your income will continue to increase even more.

It's a very good result to be the first week!

I told you! This project is a success.

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This is the ATM installed in the Cheap Smoke Shop, located in the State of Florida. As well as this your 25 units are installed.