Feedlot Ganadero II

Find the news of the investments project Feedlot Ganadero II.


The estimated payment date for Cattle Feedlot II is October 4, 2019.


I send you the news communicated by Juan Manuel Pinto:

"As soon as the market conditions improve and the animals enter, I will send them the forms that contain the number of animals entered, the kilograms of entry and the status of the farm received, date and time of entry, guide number, etc. .   I know that 9 months have passed, and we just carried out the project in 18 months to extend the time, not only with the idea of being able to try several cycles, but also to have more time in front of economic and business variants such as not counting with space in the hotel or as today is happening to us that the market conditions are not there. On the other hand I commented that the fattening time depends on the weight you want to give the animal. We have projected that it is between 400 and 430 kilos, so we estimate a period of approximately 4/5 months from when they enter the hotel. "


The Eagle Capitals team provided us with the Calf Fattening Service contract.

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Round one and two of the Feedlot together with SeSocio was financed and until the beginning of March, the EAGLE GANADERO Trust will purchase the calves to begin the fattening process.


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