Detroit III

Find the news of the investments project Detroit III.


Unfortunately the tenant who had signed the rental agreement decided to rescind it due to personal problems and will not move, so Marmike is already in the search for a new tenant.

On the other hand, the property has a debt of USD 6603.20 that will be charged with the future rents of the property.

Debt Detail


The house was rented again. We show you the contract that was signed with the tenant Harold Storball. The monthly rent will be 750 USD and runs from October 19 to September 30, 2019.

Here you can see the Contract


From Marmike they informed us that your house is already in optimal conditions to be rented again. In addition, they informed us that next week a new tenant arrives, who will pay the deposit and will move on November 1. As soon as we have the documentation corresponding to the new rental contract, we will be loading it on the platform.


Finally, the company "National Credit Systems Inc" was hired to carry out the collection service process (in charge of managing the collection). It will charge a fee of 40% of the total that amounts to USD 7750.75. Marmike Property Management contacted Main Source Construction & Design to evaluate the damages in the house. The repairs necessary to leave the house in optimal conditions, and be able to be offered again for rent, amounts to USD 3,000.

Here you can see the detailed budget

The cost of the necessary repairs will be advanced. This cost, plus the costs generated by the property as long as it is not rented, will be withheld from the cost of the rental of the property when it is rented again.


On the day of the date, Marmike Property Management (in charge of managing the rents of the houses in Detroit) informed us that it has received the " W rit of Possession " (Judicial Order of Possession) signed by the judge. This document is issued by the court, and grants the owner permission to repossess the property that is the subject of the dispute. With the possession of the property, Marmike Property Management will proceed in the next few days to send a contractor to evaluate the condition of the house in order to leave it in optimal conditions to be offered again for rent.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it could be said that the " Evicition Process" ended with a favorable result for the owners, due to the fact that the tenant was evicted from the property, and in addition, there is a new supporting document for demand the payment of the months owed. As we inform you on another occasion, in the next few days we will be notifying you of the process that will begin in order to collect the existing debt to date.

Attached you will find both the " Writ of Possession " as a Activity Record , where the events that took place during the "Eviction Process" are detailed .


On the day of the date, Marmike Property Management (in charge of managing the rents of the houses in Detroit) informed us that on Thursday, May 31, the tenant informed her that she would proceed to remove her belongings from the property.

During the weekend, the Marmike Property Management team sent a contractor to verify the status of the property, and to make sure it was vacant. Fortunately, the eviction was carried out within the periods stipulated by the judge; however, the months owed were not duly paid by the tenant.

With regard to the judicial field, the " eviction process " is the last instance through which a tenant can be intimated to leave the property and to compensate the rent owed, as well as the interest resulting from the delay in its payment. Marmike Property Management, together with the team of SeSocio , are in search of another means through which it is possible to intimate the tenant to return the rent owed.