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Liquidation house Detroit I - Wilshare 12607

Thanks to negotiations by the management of the SeSocio Trust with the Marmike team, an agreement was reached for the event that took place on August 25, 2017, in which a fire took place and as a consequence, the total destruction of the house, being unable to be inhabited. works with absolute transparency in order for its investors to earn money on real investments. That is why, in this case, he decides to face the situation on his own behalf, paying an extraordinary income and leaving the balances and profits available from Detroit I so that his investors continue choosing where to invest them.

The amount of profit corresponds to the first month of rent, and two and a half months more, (15% / 12 x 3.5 = 4.38%) without losing profitability.

With respect to the property whose property the Trust held, the necessary steps were taken to demand the contracted insurance to reimburse the money corresponding to the total loss. Among the necessary steps is the hiring of Michigan Adjustment Company, responsible for mediating and determining the representative amount of the loss; the complaint made to the insurance company in order to claim the corresponding payment; and the negotiation with the entrepreneur, Miami Life Realty, to allow the acquisition of a new home with the money received by the insurance.

For this reason, once it was possible to recover the money from the insurance company, it was decided to launch a new project under the name of "Detroit III", representing the home that could be acquired thanks to the efforts made against the company. insurance

In short, SeSocio took charge of waiting for insurance collection, so that investors could invest their money in another project, or withdraw it without costs.


Signed Scripture!

In the attached you can see the deed of the purchase of the house.

SeSOcio USA investments is an LLC whose owner is the SeSocio I Trust, that is, its investors.


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Project funded

128 Investors manage to raise the USD 53,000 that finance the project.