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New York II investors charged for their investment and the project was liquidated

Today, New York investors charged the first payment of the advance of 3.5% semi-annual (7% per annum of 2018) and the return of capital of the project with Prodigy Network.

Prodigy Network , International Real Estate Crowdfunding Company, did not finish   implement the investments made through the platform of, due to the lack of legal certainty that surrounds Argentina in the face of the constant change in regulations affecting its industry. That is why we decided to take charge from SeSocio of this payment that investors are receiving, according to what corresponds to the date. We cancel the project with the corresponding return of capital, in order not to make them wait.

If you are an investor in this project, you will have it credited to your account in order to invest in another project and not be left out of the long definition of Prodigy Network that could take longer than is convenient for an investment.

From SeSocio we always try to protect our investors in the issues that are within our reach.

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Project funded!

New York II exceeded its goal of USD 30,000 in 26 days thanks to the investment of 76 people.