Puertos del Lago II

Find the news of the investments project Puertos del Lago II.


Value of participation star

The value of the participation in the first phase was USD 1 per unit.

The second phase is priced at USD 1.1 per unit which, investors Already Won!

Once the phase II deadline, which was 01-06-2018, the value of the participations in the next phases can be increased to USD 1.35 per unit.

By investing in Ports of Lago IV , you are buying a unit at USD 1.12.


Ports of Lake II passes to the portfolio

Puertos del Lago II becomes part of the portfolio. You can continue to see the News of the Portfolio here.


Delivery of the first stage of the Barrio Costas

Great news! The "Puertos del Lago" project carried out the delivery of the first stage of the Barrio Costas on September 1, as planned. So from this date, the owners of the lots that wish to build in that neighborhood can do it !.

You can participate!


Signed purchase-sale ticket

Congratulations! Today the purchase-sale ticket for the land N ° 378 was signed. You can see the contract here.


This is your land

Here we show you the plan of your land.

Surface: 740.72 m2

Purchase value: USD 131,818


Total value plus expenses included in your land

The following table shows the final value of the land N ° 378, taking into account the purchase price plus the estimated expenses in terms of commissions, annual expenses that will be paid once the infrastructure works are completed, and a 10% forecast of expenses per clerk (these can vary according to the values on the date of final payment).

Total value of the land plus expenses included: USD 181,724