Invest in the sale of Inve Coins, the native currency and the fuel of Investoland network

117% Funded  Of  IUSD 7,800,000
Price INV USD 2.3100

Investment amount

Inve Coin

Now you can invest in the future of global investments.

Invest in the sale of Inve Coins and be part of Investoland ,'s token sale. the leading investment marketplace in Latin America, which allows investors without experience to access a world previously reserved for a selected few, with investment options that range from the most traditional, such as real estate businesses. going through start-ups, to the most modern, such as cryptocurrencies.

Through everyone can be part of the world of online investments, with little red tape, obtaining liquidity through the trading platform that allows you to sell your investments whenever you want.



Thanks to the development of Investoland , the decentralized global investment network of, it will be possible to further deepen SeSocio's initial task of democratizing the world of investments, allowing small and medium-sized savers to maximize the returns on their investments and liquidate them with a continous liquidity protocol through the Inve Coin, Investoland's native currency.

The investment

Keep in mind that until the Public Sale is over, you will not have the currency and therefore you will not be able to trade it or withdraw it. Subsequently you need to consider the vesting according to the price with which you're buying in.

Stages of sale


It will be carried out in several stages, at different prices:


  1. For SeSocio shareholders USD 0,40 until November 28
  2. For partners of SeSocio USD 0,50 until December 30
  3. For previous SeSocio investors USD 0,60 until January 29
  4. USD 0.70 until March 10.
  5. USD 0.80 until April 26.
  6. USD 0.90 until May 26.

Public Sale

The initial price of the public sale will be of USD 1 and as money enters the price will increase according to a formula to be positioned at approximately USD 4.14 per token, having raised the maximum amount of USD 37.87 million., will migrate its current operations to the Investoland network and will take its projects to this model governed by smart contracts, which can only be obtained through the native currency of the network. The USD 110 million of tradable assets in Sesocio, will establish a floor price for the token. As the tradable assets within the network increase, the price per token should increase to equal the value of the assets.



Investoland will be a decentralized global investment network built on top of RSK, secured by the Bitcoin Network. Any company, software or individual can carry out their financial interactions with smart contracts in a simple and intuitive way with Inve coins. will be the first company to set up its operations on the Investoland network, governing its projects with smart contracts to provide greater security, lower costs and delays, but any company, software or individual that chooses to post their financial interactions on the Investoland network, will be able to do it, and generate additional demand for the currency.

The Inve will be an ERC20 token on top of RSK that can be used to invest in the different projects within SeSocio, to hold or to transact like any other cryptocurrency.

The investors of this stage will have a 6 month vesting period after the token is issued (June 7th 2019). This implies that they will not be able to move or sell their currencies for a period of time. The coins begin to be released in the 90th day at a rate of 1/90th everyday, ending in the 90th day with 100% of the coins released.

With the development of Investoland , SeSocio will be able to further deepen its initial task of democratizing the world of investments, allowing small and medium-sized savers to access previously inaccessible investment opportunities in a simple, safe and comprehensive manner.


Floor price

 The InveCoin will have a floor price related to the value of tradable assets in the network, this can be explained by the system of continuous liquidity protocols. This system will generate that, in case that the price of the Inve is located below this floor, the tradable assets, taking into account that they have continuous liquidity against the Inve in their liquidity protocols, will also lower their price.  This price drop would have nothing to do with the reality of the assets, which would continue exactly as they were before the price drop and generating the same income as always. This price difference should not last long. A wise investor would buy investments to be able to buy these assets now undervalued, returning both prices to a balance sheet, and Inve, at their floor price.

As we can be seen in the graph, the floor of the currency market cap would be determined by the value of the tradable assets in the network, and the equality between the two would be given in case of reaching the hard cap (maximum amount to be collected).  Before that equality is met, we consider that the difference between the value of tradable assets and the market cap of the currency is the potential for short-term growth of the value of the InveCoin.

* The value of tradable assets arises from taking as reference the last operation greater than 0.1% of the tokens of the project.

* The market cap value arises from taking the total amount of tokens issued and taking as reference the last sale price.




SeSocio is working on the development of Investoland since the end of last year and traveling around the world promoting the project:

In New York, the team traveled to work with its advisors, while also meeting investors in Connecticut, Miami and Panama.

In September they participated in BlockSeoul in South Korea, followed by Consensus in Singapore, met with exchanges and investors in Hong Kong and ended the Asian tour by participating in TeamZ Blockchain Summit in Japan.

In October they traveled to Israel to meet with investors and then go to Los Angeles to participate in Crypto Invest Summit and meet with their legal team.








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Frequent questions

What is an ICO?

An ICO's is a financing model for different projects in which the coins that are later used in the platform are put on sale. Investoland , unlike most ICO's, already has a product in addition to an active client base, which is

What is a token?

A token is just a new new term for a unit of value issued by a private entity. In the Blockchain sector, a token is the representation of an asset or utility.

What is blockchain technology?

The chain of blocks or Blockchain, is a register, a distributed book of digital data that is stored and audited between many different parts. The essence of it is that once information is entered it can not be deleted or modified, leaving a permanent record of the information.

What are the stages of the ICO?

The ICO is structured by two main stages:


During pre-sale you can buy tokens at a preferential price because you are entering a project when it is still in the planning process. The project can have small modifications (terms, network, for example) that do not change the fundamental axis of the same until a second prior to the public sale.

Public Sale

The last stage will be the public sale where the price of the token will be USD 1 at the beginning and close at USD 2.5 (estimated), reaching the maximum amount of USD 37.87 million.

Which stage is open?

The public sale currently open, with discounts according to the investment amount.

When can I use / transact my token?

The investors of the presale stage will have a vesting period of 90 to a 180 days the token is issued (first semester 2019), This implies that they will not be able to move or sell their tokens for the first 90 days from June 7th. The participants of the public sale will have their tokens available on the 1st of November. . 

Can I sell my Inve Coins?

The Inve Coins may be sold in the future through SeSocio, the exchanges in which we are listed, through our continuous liquidity protocol or as the user chooses outside of our platform

What is the minimum amount to enter?

SeSocio allows you to be part of projects of this scope without minimum amounts.

By what means can I invest?

You can do it with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer as well as cryptocurrencies.

What quote does my currency take?

In case you send your investment in the local currency, the quote will be taken at the moment of receiving the transfer. In addition, we give you the option to transfer or directly deposit dollars. In case of paying with cryptocurrencies to the current quote in Bitfinex at the time of sending.

Which are the risk factors?

Investing in an ICO, like any investment, carries risks. And while it is deregulated in most countries, here you can check the communications issued by the SEC of the United States , the FCA of the United Kingdom of Great Britain , and the CNV of Argentina . It is always very important to be well informed about the type of investment that is being made.


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