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What is the difference between utility tokens and security tokens?

Find out more about the tokens that will be used in Investoland

In the previous article we tell you that it is a token in the world of cryptocurrencies, now we are going to explore the differences between the two most common tokens.

Utility tokens vs. security tokens.

Utility tokens are produced with the sole intention of providing access to the platform or service for which they were created. Its value should derive from the platform / service itself. In general, the initial number of tokens issued is fixed and its value can grow when the demand for a product or service increases.

Tokens of value (security tokens).

Value tokens combine the technological advantages of the block chain with traditional finance. Financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, venture capital, private equity, pensions, real estate and others may be available in the blockchain and thus assure the user the reliable possession of their investment through the use of security tokens. Bridging the gap between financial and cryptography markets will be a momentous moment for both markets and for the future of investments in general.

Investoland will have the projects as security tokens, which give the investor irrefutable and immutable property over its investment and the Inve Coin as a utility token.

In this way, and in a 100% transparent and secure way, the owners of the security token (truck, department, Vending Machine, etc.) will receive the rent in the utility network token (Inve).

Remember that whoever does not want it will be able to operate in SeSocio in the traditional way, and using the benefits of having a tokenized platform will be optional for users who want a more secure and transparent process.


CryptoTendencia: SeSocio unites projects and investors with a click will be the first company to carry out its operations on the Ethereum Network

In several articles we have exposed the problem that exists since the creation of the stock market, how to connect projects and investors? We seek to find solutions for projects and small investors, which in turn work for the big ones.

This approach arises because we want to help those who can not compete for the massive pressure that transnational projects can generate. For this reason, today Argentine friend we bring you the solution of SeSocio .

What is this platform about?

To begin by saying that it does not exist only in Argentina, but this time we will focus on this country, highlighting that you will be able to find similar services in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and some others in Latin America. is the first Investment Market that offers services throughout Latin America, focused on those who wish to develop a new company, make a particular investment in an established business or do some project, contacting them with investors willing to place their capital in projects of interest. has a commercial platform to offer and demand shares in already implemented projects or loan portfolios (ONS) that emulate a stock market and generate liquidity for investors.


There are a variety of projects you can browse, checking if these convince you to risk your money with them to generate a profit in the future, you can even see the projects already funded, reflecting that there is an active community on the platform.

Among the projects you can find are the traditional ones with companies and startups that seek financing to start or improve their services, exposing their work plans. In addition, they address the issue that we all love and look for in every corner of the network, adapted their platform for investments in crypto.

Some cryptocurrencies that allow you to invest directly are DASH, BTC, ETH, XRM, EOS, among others.


The persons of SeSocio are even an active part of their platform, organizing the ICO of InveCoins, to finance and allow the creation of their project. The objective of this project is to expand the scope of the platform, decentralizing the investment market, giving opportunity to small entrepreneurs around the world.

Investoland will be a decentralized global investment network built on the Ethereum network . Any company, software or individual can carry out their financial interactions with smart contracts of the Ethereum network in a simple and intuitive way with InveCoins as their internal currency. will be the first company to carry out its operations on the network, expanding its projects to the scope of intelligent contracts to provide greater security, lower costs and delays, but any company, software or individual that chooses to perform its financial interactions on the network Investoland will be able to do so, generating additional demand for the currency, for which its real value will increase.

The InveCoin will be an ERC20 token of the Ethereum network that can be used to invest in the different projects within SeSocio, to treasure or to transact like any other cryptocurrency.


With 75 projects financed successfully, with the connection of more than 66,000 investors , they have managed to accumulate $ 423 million to date for the projects of the platform. If you want to know all the options, including ideas to invest in a port to small details such as smart vending machines, you can do it in your catalog .

The world of investments is opening, if you are interested, remember to visit your website .

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Financial Area: migrates to the Blockchain and launches its cryptocurrency the Inve Coin migrates its operations to the Blockchain by launching its native currency the Inve coin.

The ability to maximize returns on investment is usually something that only professionals working in the financial world can achieve.

Factors such as high minimum investment amounts, complex financial education, and bureaucratic obstacles have kept the vast majority of the population away from serious investments. The result of these barriers is that most people are forced to use traditional investment vehicles, which inherently yield very weak rates. the leading collective investment platform in Latin America was born with the objective of democratizing the field of investments . The company has a multidisciplinary team of 30 professionals, more than 62,000 investments made, 75 projects successfully financed and a valuation of 50 million dollars set in its latest round of financing.

The company offers an easy, intuitive and 100% online way to access a world previously reserved for a few, with options ranging from real estate businesses, startups, trucks for logistics and even cryptocurrencies. experiences the limitations of traditional investment models, thus preventing collective investment to its full potential. In order to take them to their peak, they are developing the Investoland network, which will provide a solution based on intelligent contracts for investments globally, driven by its native token, the Inve Coin.

Investoland will be a decentralized network of investments built on the Ethereum network that will allow online investments on the technology that the world is talking about: Blockchain .

Any company, software or individual can carry out their financial interactions with smart contracts of the Ethereum network in a simple and intuitive way.

This network will generate a change within the financial world, a revolution in investments, where the process is carried out from start to finish, without unnecessary intermediaries, in a transparent, fast, and low cost way.

By tokenizing the underlying assets, one of the main problems of traditional business models is solved: liquidity. It is not viable for someone to sell 5% of the house they bought to rent, at least not without having to pay astronomical fees and endure a cumbersome process, which could take weeks or even months. By tokenizing the underlying assets, people can liquidate their investment without problems by searching for buyers in the network or with their continuous liquidity protocol.

Both Inve Coin and the projects within SeSocio will have a continuous liquidity protocol integrated. This automated mechanism will issue constant offers of purchase and sale, at a price that is adjusted based on supply and demand. This revolutionary liquidity method will only be an addition to the current trading platform between peers, allowing you to have more and better liquidity options to reach the best price, in the shortest possible time.

SeSocio strives to achieve the highest level of decentralization possible without compromising its usability or security. That is why the company's website, to contribute to the decentralization of trust, will add economic incentives to its own social network where it will distribute a percentage of the gross commission of the company that will be distributed among the most voted users.

By creating a decentralized investment network, we aim to democratize investments like never before, allowing small and medium investors to maximize returns on their investments in a reliable way.

Unlike other ICO's with an idea and a summary of what they plan to do, SeSocio already has a proven experience, a functioning market and the know-how to carry on the business.

The InveCoin would have to have a minimum price that grows to equal the value of the transactional assets in the network. In this way, a "fair" ICO can be carried out, given that the maximum amount to be raised of USD 37.8 million generates that, once the ICO is completed, the value of the transactionable assets of the network is equal to the market cap of the currency. In a network with more and more assets (more trucks, more houses, more ATMs) and a limited number of currencies, the logical step for the currency is to increase its value. At this time you can buy the currency at a 40% discount by being in the Pre-sale stage.

In this way will develop Investoland and boost investments to a new era, without unnecessary intermediaries, 100% transparent and safe; cutting costs and excessive delays.

Investoland implies a revolution in investments, a revolution in which anyone can participate.

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Investoland as sponsor of the C20

Investoland will be present at La Rural as sponsor of the C20 on November 16 and 17.

We wait for you in La Rural for the most important Bitcoin and Blockchain conference in Spanish.

To attend you only have to register for free registering here .


Infobae: Investoland, the global network of decentralized investments, the platform for alternative investments, launches an ICO to migrate its operations to the Ethereum network

Investment opportunities were always reserved for a few, an exclusion caused by bureaucratic barriers, minimum amounts of investment that were not easily accessible or even arbitrary aspects depending on the country of residence.

Collective investments aim to solve this problem but are hampered by the inefficiencies of the traditional banking and financial system. Barriers, delays and extra costs that end up being paid by both investors and entrepreneurs, thus hindering innovation and the possibility of obtaining good returns. is an investment platform based in Latin America, with almost 60,000 investments made and a team of 30 people. The company says it was valued at 50 million dollars during its last round of financing.

The company offers an easy and intuitive way for any type of investor to access a world previously reserved for a few, with options ranging from the most traditional, such as real estate businesses, startups, logistics trucks and even cryptocurrencies.

SeSocio began with the ultimate goal of democratizing the field of investments and its new commitment is Investoland , a network of decentralized investments built on Ethereum that will have its own token, the Inve Coin.

"This network will generate a change within the financial world, a revolution in investments, where the process is carried out from beginning to end, without unnecessary intermediaries, in a transparent, fast, low cost and efficient manner. SeSocio will migrate its current operations to the Investoland network and take its current projects to this model. One of the most interesting things about the currency, which will be the fuel of this network, is that in a wise market it should have a floor value similar to that of the tradeable assets in the network, which will grow as projects are added. ", Confirmed Guido Augusto Quaranta, CEO of the company.

A user sends the native currency (Inve Coin) to the project's intelligent contract, and receives project tokens as return, which offers economic rights over it. By tokenizing the underlying investment, people can liquidate their investment without problems by searching for buyers on the network.

Added to this, the projects within SeSocio will have an integrated continuous liquidity mechanism, similar to that described in the Bancor Protocol. This continuous liquidity protocol will act as an automated market maker, allowing users to buy and sell project tokens through intelligent liquidity contracts at a price that is constantly adjusted to reflect supply and demand. This protocol will be an addition to the trading platform and, in practice, it will operate as another user on the platform, constantly issuing buy and sell orders at the price determined by its price algorithm.

To achieve greater decentralization of trust, SeSocio will have its own social network based on economic incentives, where 5% of the gross commission of the company will be distributed among the best users of this social network chosen by them.

Using the smart contracts of the Ethereum network and the blockchain technology, Investoland will initiate a new era of financing and investments, allowing one of the most under-exploited markets to prosper, making it reach its maximum potential.

You can read the original article here: Infobae note