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Through you can invest in NEO, the network that seeks to change from a traditional economy to an intelligent one, 100% online and with no minimum amount.



Founded in 2014 by Da HongFei, NEO is an open and decentralized platform that allows the execution of smart contracts and other applications based on blockchain technology.

Its final objective is the creation of an intelligent economy, with the digitalization of tangible goods, such as a house or a car and with the digitalization of identities. These assets would be registered in the blockchain in the name of their owners.

Why invest in NEO?

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, NEO is a computing platform that allows you to program and develop applications on top of it, so it goes much further than being a simple means of exchange or deposit of value.

An important feature of NEO are smart contracts, these ensure that both parties comply with the agreement automatically. For example, if Sofia wants to sell a car to Juan, it is established that once Sofía receives 1,000 NEO from Juan, the property title will automatically be transferred to Juan. As in this example it was a car, this operation can be done with any kind of tangible (or intangible) asset. Unlike Ethereum, NEO has a system that allows identification to link your account with a person.

Another big difference between NEO and Ethereum, (which requires to be instructed in a specific programming language), is that it allows the coding of its smart contracts in almost all programming languages, allowing anyone who knows how to program can participate in the creation of smart contracts, greatly expanding the market.

NEO has a design compatible with Chinese government regulations, and it is no secret that China favors companies that comply with their regulations, which is why so many local companies have prospered like WeChat and AliBaba, and companies like Amazon and Facebook have failed.

Many call NEO "Ethereum 2.0" since it has all the functions of Ethereum and much more!

The investment


Unlike other projects published in this project does not need to reach its goal so that your participation is already confirmed because we will always have availability of the cryptocurrencies.

In turn, NEOs will be housed in one of the world's leading suppliers, reducing your risk to the minimum by providing greatest security to your values.

The ambitious project implies a total incorporation of the economy into the digital age, the potential of the project is immense and will penetrate all aspects of society.

This is your chance to bet on the digitalization of the economy and society,

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What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a mean of exchanging values through the internet.

It's characterized by being decentralized (it can not be censored because there's not a central server that control it), it does not have owners and their bases are insured by cryptography. This means that in order to access funds, a key to decrypt is needed.

How cryptocurrencies price is determined?

In the same way as the rest of physical currencies (dollars, pesos, etc.), cryptocurrencies base their value on supply and demand.

There is no institution that responds to any inconvenience, nor is it necessary because all conditions are pre-established by the code.

Can it be censored by some government?

No, the structure of cryptocurrencies means that anyone can open a server in their home on any place in the world, this makes them resistant to censorship.

Why buy cryptocurrencies in SeSocio?

In SeSocio besides offering a competitive price we guarantee the best security standards in the market. We offer the security and simplicity of operating through our site. Investment options previously limited to experts and professionals are now available to all who want to invest.

We also have a team at your disposal to clarify your doubts.

What is the best cryptocurrency?

The different projects have all their characteristics. In SeSocio we expose the different cryptocurrencies in a simple and concrete way so that each investor can then choose the project that he considers convenient.

What is the minimum amount to invest in cryptocurrencies?

You can buy the amount of cryptocurrencies you want, without minimum amounts.

How do I sell my cryptocurrencies?

With the option of immediate sell, where SeSocio provides you the possibility of selling all you cryptocurrencies immediately.

Can I extract my cryptocurrencies?

Yes, through SeSocio you will be able to withdraw your cryptocurrencies directly to the wallet whenever you want.

Which are the risk factors?

The investor must carefully consider the risk factors mentioned in the following article , in addition to the rest of the information contained in the publication of the Collective Financing Project. Any investor that considers the possibility of acquiring participations in collective financing projects must make their own independent evaluation of the risks associated with the acquisition of such participations.

Risk factors

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk as well as any investment.

What guarantees does give me about this project and its return?

Any. SeSocio is a technological platform that connects entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in search of capital with investors wanting to generate returns on their funds. SeSocio carries out an analysis of the projects to provide you with the best possible "products" for your investments. But the decision to invest in them and in which one is 100% yours, and requires that you analyze and take into account the risks of each alternative. does not administer, nor guarantee any of the projects of which you can be part, simply make them available to you and facilitate access to alternatives that otherwise would be inaccessible or require a lot of bureaucracy and high minimum amounts.

At the time of investing, keep in mind that you are doing it in: an entrepreneur, in a company, or in a cryptocurrency and not in - which is simply a channel - SeSocio can not assure the return of a venture as well as the evolution of the price of a cryptocurrency or its mining (these latter highly volatile projects). Past performance is not indicative of future returns, which may not be similar. 



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