Invest in a ATM network in USA and win up to 35% anually in USD

110% Funded  Of USD 70,000
70,000.00 USD Target
630 Investments
6,410 Investments acumulated

Cajeros Odyssey VIII

Project written and published by Odyssey Capital Management LLC

Join the current ATM Network in the United States that Odyssey Group brings you, invest in the purchase of 10 new units , collect your rent on a weekly basis, with an estimated 10% annual rent in dollars the first year , 15% the second, 25% the third and 35% of the fourth year onwards. This project will be part of the ATM portfolio that will be generated in 2019.


The ATM Business

Think of an ATM as a cash vending machine. An ATM is really just a vending machine that distributes cash instead of snacks or refreshments.

It is located near the door, waiting to be used like any other vending machine. But instead of dispensing sodas or snacks, he dispenses $ 20 bills.

Instead of charging $ 1.00 or $ 2.00 for a soda or snack (which cost something, as an example), an ATM charges $ 1.50 or more for convenient access to your bank's cash.

Now, banks have all kinds of agreements with ATM networks to offer access to their cash (otherwise, we would not use banks as much as ATM cards). Your ATM will now only dispense $ 20 bills to users who pay for access. Then, the funds of the users of that bank will be deposited again in the account of ATM providers every day.

All you do is keep it loaded with $ 20 bills instead of sandwiches. What happens when a vending machine is low on product? It refills it. If your vending machine dispenses sodas and snacks, you have to buy more to fill it.

Accounting and Management Reports

The ATM processing center operates an extensive settlement and accounting system that ensures fast and accurate delivery of funds to the ATM owner, as well as detailed monthly processing reports. The processing reports are made up to the transaction level daily through the Internet.

You can log in to a secure area to see ATM processing in real time to check transactions, balances and more. A separate monthly merchant statement is also sent electronically at no additional charge that breaks down all processing details for the month.

Management reports and residual accounting of all transaction processing are designed to support the distribution of revenues from various vendors among merchants and other business partners when necessary. This means that if you have one or more ATMs processing transactions and need to pay more than one person or entity for processing revenue, we can do it for you at no additional cost.

Real-time processing with online monitoring included

The Odyssey Group ATM Portal provides fast and convenient access to ATM transaction processing information in real time. This online information delivery tool was created exclusively for ATM processing customers.

Through a secure real-time ATM monitoring link, all OFS clients can enjoy viewing the live processing information.

Financial specifications

With an ATM, the same money that is put in is recycled. You only need to take a few $ 20 bills from your cash register (if you are a retailer with cash) or if it is an ATM business you receive $ 20 from your bank and put them in the ATM.

Customers withdraw that $ 20 and the ATM networks deposit that money in their bank account the next business day. There are no soft drinks or snacks to buy to refill the machine.

Also with the ATM included in the ATM management system online you can see the daily use and balances so you do not have to visit the ATM unless you need it.

The investment

Through, US $ 70,000 will be raised for the purchase of 10 new ATM units that will be added to the current ATM Network of

Once the project is financed, it will take around 60 days, during which Odyssey Group is responsible for the selection and contracting of the locations for its installation, the programming and connectivity between the equipment and the transaction control platforms (linked to the system). American banking system), you start receiving your rent and collect it weekly .

  • Investment : US $ 70,000 for the purchase of 10 ATMs (10 new ATM units together with working capital) This investment also includes the presentation of the business plan, the billing projection, among others.)
  • Estimated annual return in dollars : 10% in the first year, 15% in the second year, 25% in the third year and up to 35% in the fourth year thereafter.
  • Average number of transactions per ATM : 100 per month.
  • Average amount of income per transaction : US $ 2.86 per transaction.
  • Number of ATM operated by Odyssey : 1000
  • Annual growth rate : 300% 2016 vs. 2015

In the following table you can see the estimated income statement for an investment of a network of 20 ATM's:


How does it work?


  • Who withdraws money from the ATM, pays an average US $ 3 withdrawal rate.
  • 30% of that rate belongs to the place where the cashier is (a supermarket, a service station or a local, for example).
  • Of the remaining US $ 2, US $ 0.50 cents corresponds to the maintenance, the payment of money, the service and the apportionment of the insurance.
  • The remaining benefit is part of the investor's return.
  • On average, a low-yield ATM stretches between US $ 1.25 and US $ 1.25 for retirement profitability, while a cashier with good performance generates around US $ 1.50.


Main advantages:


  • It is a relatively low investment, in relation to the profitability it generates.
  • It requires a low need for supervision and control, since the ATM is autonomous. That is, it is remotely controlled since it is part of an internal closed circle where there are no sales in cash, but everything is computerized.
  • The transaction is activated by a person who wants to withdraw money. The investment automatically charges a percentage, without any risk.

He is in charge of the management of the stock of machinery, the selection and contracting of the locations for its installation, the programming and connectivity between the equipment and the transaction control platforms (linked to the North American banking system) and the post-installation technical support. as well as the ATM recharge service.



Sebastian Ponceliz - Founder & CEO

Sebastian Ponceliz, an Argentine entrepreneur, founded Odyssey Group US with the clear vision of turning it into a factor of technological, market and social disruption, investing heavily in the creation of a solid base of commercial expansion, creating quality employment and raising the standard of demand in the provision of services to achieve the highest expectations of the consumer experience.


Odyssey Group US

Created five years ago, in the State of Florida, United States, Odyssey Group US was born from the hand of Odyssey ATM, a division dedicated to the development of ATM's business and cash management. Over time, it incorporated new business units that allowed it to become a solid company in the US retail automation market, and extend its operations to new states in the country, as well as to other countries in the region, maintaining its operations and central offices in the territory of Florida.


Today, Odyssey Group US is a thriving company, which incorporates highly qualified staff and projects its growth to the entire United States, with active operations in the State of Florida, New York and California.

With the precise and firm objective of reaching a national presence during the next five years, Odyssey Group US is positioned as a player of weight in the US market of retail automation and in that way, continues a constant process of building a better future for its customers. employees, associates and the entire community.

In line with business needs, Odyssey Group US constantly invests in systems development to improve communications and provide maximum capacity for real-time transaction and stock information for its customers.

Business' units

Currently, Odyssey Group US has four business units:

Odyssey ATM

Developer of the ATM's business, its main activity is the implementation of private ATM networks in the United States. He is in charge of the management of the stock of machinery, the selection and contracting of the locations for its installation, the programming and connectivity between the equipment and the transaction control platforms (linked to the North American banking system) and the post-installation technical support. as well as the ATM recharge service.

Odyssey Communications

Responsible for advertising development and management of communication technology segmented by more advanced facial recognition of the market through interactive screens linked to ATM's and Vending Machines.

Odyssey Vending Machines

Responsible for the development of the vending machine business, under the deployment of automated retail units.

Odyssey Technology

Technological support unit and development of advanced connectivity tools, such as Internet of Things (IoT), computer security and programming for mobile corporate applications, through XYNCRO Networks, specializing in programming, installation and connectivity of all equipment and material of work.

Odyssey in the media

About the name

Its meaning takes us to a trip of epic proportions. It comes from Homer's poem The Odyssey, written in the eighth century BC. C., a sequel to another work of Homer called The Iliad, which describes the last days of the great Trojan War.

Frequent questions

What is the minimum amount to enter?

US $ 140,000 is required to participate in this type of business. Thanks to, you can participate without a minimum amount.

What is the estimated profitability of the project?

The estimated yield is 10% of annual income in dollars in the first year, 15% in the second year, 25% in the third year and 35% in the fourth year thereafter.

How long does it take to pay?

Once 100% of the project has been financed, the money is sent to Odyssey Group US, once the transfer received is confirmed, the estimated time is up to 60 days.

How is the rent collected?

The rent is paid weekly to your SeSocio account.

In case you have activated the automatic reinvestment, and that you are funding a new ATM project, it will automatically reinvent itself in this to multiply your initial investment even more.

Is it possible to exit the project?

Yes! You can leave at any time, selling your participation through the trading platform.

Take into account that you can do it even before achieving 100% funding.

What is the role of Odyssey Group US?

Odyssey Group US provides the ATM equipment, explores the location, signs the contracts on its behalf, installs the machine and processes the transactions through its online system.

How many transactions per location are expected to be obtained from a new ATM?

It searches for locations with a minimum of 100 transactions per month. It is estimated that a new location should reach that number from the 12th month of installation.

What guarantee does Odyssey Group US offer?

Odyssey Group US offers a 6-month warranty period with full service support. From month 6 and onwards, a maintenance service is offered for our clients based on the active number of ATMs in their network.

Who performs the loading of ATMs?

Odyssey Group US offers the freight service included in the monthly maintenance fee, which is optional for customers.

Are ATMs insured?

Yes, indeed. With our contract package Odyssey Group US offers full coverage for 12 months for:

  • Stole
  • Vandalism
  • Money in transit
  • Third parties
  • Employees and location

Said coverage is paid monthly and is deducted from the total withdrawal rate of the network.


If a certain place does not reach 100 transactions per month, who is responsible for moving the ATM to a better place and who is in charge of it?

Odyssey Group US

Does the contract with the place belong to Odyssey Group US?

No. One of the most valuable assets in the ATM business is not the machine, but the location of the contract. Odyssey Group US facilitates the relationship with the owner or administrator of the location and ALWAYS the ATM contract is signed by the owner of the network, in our case the SeSocio Trust on behalf of the investors, and the benefits of the contract belong to him.

Can the ATM network be sold in the future?

Yes absolutely. Your new ATM network will be an established business with verifiable revenue streams very soon and will increase its value dramatically over time so, when you consider obtaining liquidity from your capital, you can offer your assets to the market, always committed by operations of Well established businesses.

How do I know that my money will be used in what I am investing?

Your money goes directly to a Trust, independent of the equity of SeSocio, which is administered by BLC Trust SA (Financial Trustee N 63, registered with the CNV) who ensures that all investments are made according to the instructions given by each investor. Additionally, both the trustees and the external auditors also ensure that your contributions have the destiny chosen by you.


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