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Mes 4

En el mes número 4 del proyecto se realizaron 1152 estudios y el monto facturado fue de ARS 1.257.636

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Pago cuota 1

¡Felicitaciones! Recibiste tu primera renta

Se realizaron 3372 estudios en el primer trimestre, obteniendo una facturación de 3.468.592,33 ARS. Entre el interés fijo y el interés variable, obtuviste una renta equivalente al 19,19% anual en USD

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Mes 1 y 2

Ya pasaron dos meses desde que el ecógrafo comenzó a operar. Aunque los pagos son trimestrales, desde Clínica Moguillansky queremos mostrarte la cantidad de ecógrafías y el monto facturado desde el día 18 de marzo de 2019 hasta el día 17 de mayo de 2019

Se realizaron 2225 estudios y el monto facturado fue de ARS 2.240.657,62

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First 30 days of the ultrasound machine

The first 30 days have passed since the scan began operating. Although the payments are quarterly, from Clínica Moguillansky we want to show you the number of ecographies and the amount billed from March 18, 2019 to today at 16pm.

1096 studies were conducted and the amount billed was ARS 1,095,951

Here you can see a detailed summary of the studies


The ultrasound is operational

Today the first ultrasound scans were performed on the new ultrasound machine. Starting today, both variable and fixed interest begin to run. The payment date will be on the 18th of each month or the next business day. You will receive your first payment on Tuesday, June 18.


Installation and training of the ecograph

The authorities of Medicina XXI SA inform:

"Today we began with the installation of the ultrasound scanner and a Toshiba engineer offered training to the physicians and medical engineers of the clinic on how to use it, and the team is being configured to integrate it with the intelligent management and performance monitoring system ( Eges) Once it is integrated into the clinic's network, it will be possible to book shifts and control team statistics (number and type of ultrasounds, social works, billed amount, etc.) As soon as we perform the first ultrasound we will be alerting you This will be next week, we leave photos of the packaged and installed ecograph, as well as photos of the training provided by the Toshiba engineer, thank you so much for trusting us, now, to work! "