Vending Machines - AVT XVII

Find the news of the investments project Vending Machines - AVT XVII.


Compensation for delay

American Vending Technologies has already made the payment of USD 28.95 corresponding to interest for 2 days of late payment.


Income April 2019

Fulfilling the payment, today you have the collection of your monthly fixed income.

As for the interest for the delay in payment, we already claim them and we are waiting for the transfer.

For every USD 1,000 that you invested you received USD 19,304.



Renta marzo 2019

Cumpliendo con el pago, el día de hoy tenés el cobro de tu renta fija mensual.

Nota: en este pago, además de los $1.508,18 correspondientes al mes de marzo, recibirás $452,46 correspondientes a los 9 días de diferencia entre entre la fecha de depósito y la fecha de pago. 

Por cada USD 1.000 que invertiste recibiste USD 19,304.



The money transfer was accredited


The AVT team confirmed the accreditation of the transfer dated 02/27/2019. The Vending Technologies team reports that the first payment will be received on 06/04/2019 for operational issues, which is why the first payment will include 1 month and 9 days.


Project funded!

The project was successfully funded


Project Information

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