I invested in yachts in the USA and obtained a return of 20% on the income received from the operation of the yacht + 10% on the capital invested.

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Wahine Yachts

Project written, published, and posted by Wahine Yachts America LLC :

I invested in the purchase of a WAHINE LIFESTYLE yacht in the United States to incorporate it into the fleet managed, maintained and exploited commercially by WAHINE YACHTS on behalf of the SeSocio investors.

The profitability is monthly and consists of a fixed part plus a variable. The profitability is 20% on the income received from the exploitation of the yacht + 10% on the capital invested.
The rent begins to be charged once the yacht is put into activity and has a duration of 5 years (60 months) from that moment.
During the construction period, the project is guaranteed as a promissory note for the entire investment. Once the construction of the yacht is completed, it will become the property of SeSocio.com investors.

This dynamic industry has a global growth of 5.1% year-on-year and plans to reach a turnover of 17 billion dollars by 2020 according to Future Market Insights .

WAHINE YACHTS is the intellectual and industrial owner of the design and technology necessary for the construction of LIFESTYLE yachts worldwide.

The construction of the boats takes place in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. Wahine Yachts sells its boats directly to private owners and allows them to enjoy them without having to purchase them through their Vacation Club called WAHINE Sailing Vacation Club in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, California, USA.

The investment

The investment consists in the construction at the cost of a LIFESTYLE yacht, in one of its most sophisticated and suitable versions for the Club, for an amount of USD 108,000, obtaining a fixed annual yield in dollars of 10% plus 20% of the income (the total of what is produced by the commercial exploitation of the vessel), payable monthly for 5 years.

The estimated period to receive the first payment is 7 months from the financing of the project:

  • 4 months for the construction of the boat
  • 2 months for the transfer of the unit to California where it will be conditioned to enter services within the Club.
  • 1 month of operation to receive the first payment

The following tables detail everything related to the financial part of the investment.
Remember that the variable part is estimated, therefore it may not be as expected.

* Fixed return received: WAHINE YACHTS pays a return in dollars of 10% on the total investment (once the yacht is in operation), doing it on a monthly basis for 60 months (5 years).
* Repayment Fixed investment: WAHINE YACHTS realizes the repayment of the investment at the rate of 20% per annum of the total invested, completing 100% in the 5 years. Payments are made monthly in dollars.
* Fixed monthly amount received: It is the sum of money that the Investor receives month to month in dollars and includes a return of 10% on the capital invested + 20% corresponding to the repayment of the investment. (Equity is not considered here)
* Annual Net Income: It is the fixed net profit reached by the investment without considering repayment or variable yield.

* Rental slots available per boat: Each week of the year (52 in total) are divided into 2 slots each, resulting in 104 slots year to be rented to the club members and non-member guests.
* Pessimistic slot rental scenario: To simulate a pessimistic variable investor income has been considered that only 50% of slots are marketed per year, ie 52 of the total available per boat.
* Distribution of rent between Members & Non-Members: Within the 52 Slots of the pessimistic scenario to be marketed, it is considered that half of them will be members and the other half will be non-members.
* Revenue from Booking Fees Non-Members: The average rental value of a Slot by non-members is $ 1,040-, generating a gross income from commercial activity of $ 27,040- per year.
* Revenue from Booking Fees Members: The average rental value of a Slot by members is $ 650-, generating a gross income from the commercial activity of the vessel of $ 16,900- per year.
* Total income Members + Non-Members: It is the result of adding the income for the rental activity of the slots generated by the members and not members.

* Estimated variable profitability: 20% of the total income generated by the commercial activity of the rents generated by the partners and non-members is distributed among the SeSocio investors.

* Invested Capital: It is the capital required to build the boat at cost and put it into operation in California
* Fixed Amount: It is the total of the fixed return of the investment: (10% Return on investment + 20% of repayment investment).
* Estimated Variable Amount: Corresponds to 20% of the income obtained from the rental of the vessel that members and non-members make of it.
* Total: It is the cash flow of the investment as a result of estimating adding the variables of investment income on an annual basis.
* Estimated Annual Return: Annual return of the investment considering the 10% return on the investment + the variable income of 20% of the rental income of the vessel.

The business

WAHINE YACHTS is the prestigious builder and marketer of the Premium LIFESTYLE yachts, a vessel which quickly positioned itself as a benchmark and benchmark for the compact luxury yacht market worldwide. Each LIFESTYLE is a unique semi-custom creation that combines enviable levels of comfort and refinement with a bold look with levels of performance and performance only achieved by boats of much larger size. The LIFESTYLE is unique in its class and WAHINE YACHTS makes it accessible to the world's nautical enthusiasts without having to purchase it through its WAHINE SAILING VACATION CLUB in San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe with an exclusive service of CONCIERGE 5 stars.

In other words, the business is a boat that works generating income in the same way that it does the best room in an exclusive 5-star vacation RESORT, operating directly from the most prestigious nautical destinations within the United States.

The market

The renowned consultant "Future Market Insights", informs that the market of charter and rent of boats in all its categories will show a constant growth during the period 2017-2027, having witnessed this sector of the nautical industry of constant growth since 2012. An expansion is expected at a compound annual rate of 5.1% during this period, reaching values above USD 17 billion towards the end of 2027.

In turn, the consultant describes by categories the global market of charters and boat rentals reporting that within the category "YATES" specifically the industry will exceed USD 10 billion by the end of 2027 and that the sub-segment of yachts type "SLOOP" (similar to the WAHINE LIFESTYLE) was the dominant category during 2017 with more than USD 2.7 Billion thanks to the strong inclination of the youngest audience towards yacht holidays with predominance of domestic destinations in the USA and the Caribbean.

The association "SFIA", " Sports & Fitness Industry Association " of USA reported in 2017 the existence within the United States of a total of 3,924,000 sailors. Of this total, 68.7% (2,699,000) do it recreationally up to 7 times per year and less than 35% have their own boat.

These figures show the high demand since the "NO OWNERS AND NAVIGANTS" demanded by different means 12,280,450 of navigable departures during 2017, being close to 40% of them in the San Francisco, California area.

This immense market of opportunities generated by "NO RECREATIONAL OWNERS" is the CLUB's market target and, according to "SFIA", the interests of this niche market is spending more time with the family, enjoying vacations or exclusive and special nautical experiences. , have an interest in luxury, belong to a middle to upper middle class and are in active economic growth, spend on themselves and their loved ones in search of personal satisfaction despite the market uncertainties worldwide.

Competition loc al

The Bay of San Francisco in California, is undoubtedly one of the places with the greatest concentration and nautical activity in the world, both recreationally and / or competitively.

There are about 20 companies in the bay dedicated to the YACHT CHARTER or RENTAL, but only 2 operators do it without a captain (Bareboat Charter) similar to the operations format of the WAHINE Sailing Vacation Club. The strength of these 2 companies is their VELA school and not their boat rental service or yacht holidays, while the rest of the remaining 18 operators specialize in departures with a captain and crew oriented to excursions and private events, mostly with tourists or corporate events. No San Francisco operator operates in Lake Tahoe during the summer as WAHINE does or provides a 5 star concierge service. ( www.boatingsf.com/listings/a/rentals-charters-cruises/ )

In turn, none of the operators in the Bay is a shipbuilder such as WAHINE YACHTS, operating by consequence with higher costs offering used boats, small to medium size of several years old and without any level of luxury in the most of the cases.

No operator offers luxury vacations, nor a 5-star hospitality and concierge service to provide a one-of-a-kind, one-stop experience, specializing in simple boat rental companies per hour, ½ day to day or weekend without offer any added value to your service offer or Customer Care.

The team

WAHINE YACHTS Americas LLC, EIN # 81-1278414, is an American based company with a brand and a prestigious legacy in the world of compact size luxury yachts in the United States. The Club, in turn, is a very profitable sub-unit of business, which financially leverages the global success of the company and ensures it against the generational changes and future consumption habits. Investors do not invest in a project but in a profitable, efficient and functioning company that is in full growth and expansion with a current market valuation that exceeds 10 million dollars.

Francisco Farkas

Executive crossover MBA and Bachelor of Foreign Trade with engineering studies with a keen commercial sense and practical management approach. More than 17 years of experience in start-up's and development of international business, nautical and hotel development in Europe and the USA have conferred a strong personality of high impact to create and manage global services businesses within complex market environments. Extensive experience in boat driving and construction, near-shore Outsourcing & Procurement, focused on high performance composite materials and developer of Nautical Clubs, counting on the creation of the Club de Lanchas en Argentina, BoatShare, from which he split up in the year 2014.

Cristian Pizl

Executive Entrepreneur, Bachelor of Visual Communication with studies in strategic design management (Politecnico di Milano) and with postgraduate degrees in Marketing and Negotiation with an acute proactive commercial sense and a practical management approach. More than 20 years of experience in business development, advisory services, business management and development within different industries have given him a solid personality to create and manage business. Extensive experience in the packaging industry, plastic, nautical and gastronomic. Focused on providing successful solutions and solving complex problems in search of creating new businesses. Passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur.

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Frequent questions

What is the minimum amount of investment?

To participate in this type of business you need USD 108,000. Thanks to SeSocio.com , you can participate without a minimum amount.

What is the duration of the contract? What is the monthly rent? Is it fixed or variable?

The rent begins to be charged once the yacht is put into activity and has a duration of 5 years (60 months) from that moment. The profitability is monthly composed of a fixed part on the capital invested plus a variable. The fixed amount is 10% per year in dollars on the investment made and the variable of 20% of the income received from the exploitation of the activity.

Can there be more than one round? Are they going to be carterized?

Yes, there may be more than one round. They are not going to be capitalized since with the periodic payments a part of capital is returned, which makes the porterization impossible.

What is the projected annual return? Is it guaranteed?

The projected annual return is 17% estimated. The guarantee in the construction section is a promissory note for the entire capital. Once the yacht is built, the promissory note is invalidated and the investors of SeSocio.com become owners of the yacht built with the investment made through the platform.

How long does it take to pay?

Once 100% of the project has been financed, the money is sent and as soon as the transfer received is confirmed, the estimated time is 7 months.

  • 4 months in construction.
  • 2 months in the transfer, armed and put into operation in the club
  • 1 month from operation to receive the first payment

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the yacht?

The maintenance of the yacht is in charge of Wahine Yachts.

What happens if a yacht is stolen or damaged?

In these cases, there is insurance that covers any contingency that harms the normal performance of the yacht in its daily operations.

Are there additional operating costs outside of the initial investment?

Do not.

What happens with the unit once the project is finished?

Once the project is finished, the unit financed by SeSocio.com investors becomes the property of Wahine Yachts.

Is it possible to exit the project?

Yes. You can leave at any time, selling your participation through the trading platform. Keep in mind that you can do it even before achieving 100% funding.

What happens if the entire investment is not financed within the estimated timeframe?

If you do not reach the target amount within the established period, you will receive 100% of the money invested in your SeSocio.com account.

How do I know that my money will be used in what I am investing?

Your money goes directly to a Trust, independent of the equity of SeSocio, which is administered by BLC Trust SA (Financial Trustee N 63, registered with the CNV) who ensures that all investments are made according to the instructions given by each investor. Additionally, both the trustees and the external auditors also ensure that your contributions have the destiny chosen by you.

Which are the risk factors?

The investor must carefully consider the risk factors mentioned in the following article , in addition to the rest of the information contained in the publication of the Collective Financing Project. Any investor that considers the possibility of acquiring participations in collective financing projects must make their own independent evaluation of the risks associated with the acquisition of such participations.

Risk factor's

What are the risks of investing in the Wahine Yachts Yacht?

The risks on the project are expressed in the following article.

Investment Risks in the Wahine Yachts Yacht .


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