Cajeros Odyssey VIII

Find the news of the investments project Cajeros Odyssey VIII.


The money transfer was accredited

The team of Odyssey Capital Management confirms the accreditation of the transfer sent on 04/04/2019, with which on 04/06/2019 you will be receiving your first income.


Project funded!

The project was successfully funded


Project Information

Remember that you can see the original publication of the project by clicking here


Novelty of the ATM portfolio

This 2019, with your investments in ATMs you will receive the rent on a monthly basis.

The new ATM portfolio that is open, unlike the ones already financed, stops paying the rent on a weekly basis. This does not imply any change in performance, simply in the periodicity that you will receive your rent once the posting is financed.

* If you wish to cancel your investment for the current modification, send us your request through this email.

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