Invest in the US Vending Machines Module in the United States and receive fixed annual returns of USD 231.6 for every USD 1,000 you invest, for 10 years.

100% Funded  Of USD 75,000
75,000.00 USD Target
5083 Investments
21,178 Investments acumulated

Vending Machines - AVT XXI

You will receive an annual return of USD 231.6 for every USD 1,000 you invest.  That is to say, a fixed monthly return of USD 19.3, for 10 years.

SeSocio offers you the possibility of becoming a partner to the 10 Vending Machines Network, together with American Vending Technologies LLC (AVT), an Odyssey Group US business unit oriented to the management of full line vending machines. Receive a 23.16% fixed annual rate in USD, which ultimately results in a 13.2% fixed ROI for 10 years, to be paid out on a monthly basis. SeSocio provides for your entering to the Vending Machines business, whether the Investment Target has been fully achieved or not. That is to say, if the total Investment Target of USD 75,000 is not raised within the specified term but an amount of USD 7,500 is exceeded (this is the cost of one Vending Machine unit), then the project will be considered as confirmed since 150 units have already been funded through SeSocio.



Vending Machines Business

AVT has an extensive installed network of vending solution equipment at locations strategically located in:

  • Hotels
  • Fitness Centers
  • Residential and Corporate buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Educational establishments
  • Health Centers
  • Airports


Combining state-of-the-art stock control and business transactions with high-precision logistical support, AVT ensures the highest return on investment and gives a qualitative leap forward into the future of retail vending solutions. 

AVT offers full line vending solutions, including vending machines of soft drinks, snacks, coffee, healthy articles, games, sport articles, beauty supplies and office supplies.


Through the integration of transactional data capture and inventory management technologies, AVT generates historical consumption reports that allows the company to achieve the highest accuracy in the management of purchase and replenishment processes, and, in addition, to apply predictive strategies, adjusting the productivity of its operations to the maximum.


The investment

USD 75,000 will be raised through for the purchase of 10 VM’S. Upon funding the project, following up to 30 days, and considering that all the units are already operative in the market, AVT will allocate said 10 units to your new Vending Machines Module and you will start receiving your fixed annual return in US dollars arising from the rent of the units. 

The investment module lets customers earn a fixed return for renting the units, which is guaranteed in a USD 231.6 annualized return every USD 1,000 you invest. That is to say, a fixed monthly return of USD 19,3 for 10 years, with a 13.2% ROI (taking into account the contractual term of 10 years and the return of the capital in full in month 50 of the project).

AVT will pay a fixed monthly fee amounting to USD 1508, regardless of the module returns, whether it has achieved a higher yield than the fixed monthly fee (considered by AVT as Administration Fees) or it has not been earning the expected returns, taking themselves the business risk involved.

In the following chart you can see the investment estimate for the project 10 year term:

The Team

Sebastian Ponceliz - Founder & CEO

Sebastian Ponceliz, Argentine entrepreneur, was the founder of Odyssey Group US with the clear vision of turning the company into a technological disruption factor for both the market and society. He strongly invested in a solid expanding business bedrock, creating quality employment and leveraging the level of service quality to reach consumers´ highest expectations.

Odyssey Group US

Founded five years ago in Florida, USA, Odyssey Group US was created together with Odyssey ATM, a division engaged in the development of the ATM business and the management of cash funds. As time went by, the company´s growth was clearly enabled by the incorporation of new business units which turned it into a solid company in the retail automation industry of the American market, therefore expanding its operations to new states within the country and to other countries of the region, maintaining their main facilities and operations within the territory of Florida.

Today, Odyssey Group US is a thriving company, which constantly incorporates qualified staff and projects its growth throughout all the United States, with continuing operations in the States of Florida, New York and California.

With the accurate and sound objective of reaching national presence in the next five years, Odyssey Group US is clearly positioned as a big player in the retail automation industry of the American market and it constantly moves on to create a better future for its employees, partners and society as a whole.   

In line with business needs, Odyssey Group US constantly invests in IT development to enhance communication and to provide the maximum capacity of trading and stock data availability for its customers in real time.

Business' units

Odyssey Group US currently has four business units:

Odyssey ATM

As a developer of the ATM Vending Machine business, Odyssey ATM main activity is to turn private ATM networks operative within all the United States. Odyssey ATM is an expert in stock management of Vending Machines, for selecting and hiring sites where they will be located, for programming and connecting devices and platforms to be used for tracking trading operations (linked to the North American retail banking system) and for the technical support to be provided after the Vending Machine was installed, in addition to the replenishment service of cashiers.

Odyssey Communications

Odyssey Communications is the most sophisticated segmented advertising network on the market using facial recognition systems in interactive screens which operate in combination with ATM's and Vending Machines.

Odyssey Vending Machines

Odyssey Vending Machines is an expert in the development of vending machines and deploys automated retail units.

Odyssey Technology

Odyssey Technology provides technological and operational support in the development of state-of-the-art connectivity tools, such as Internet of the Things (IoT), cyber security systems and corporate mobile applications programming, through XYNCRO Networks, focusing on programming, installing and connecting every corporate device and equipment.

About the brand name

Its meaning takes us to an epic journey. The origin of this word is found in Homer´s epic poem, The Odyssey, which was written in the VIII century, b.C., a sequel to the Iliad, the other Homer epic, which describes the last days of the Trojan War.



What is the minimum investment amount?

In order to participate in this type of businesses, you would normally need to invest USD 75,000. However, thanks to you can participate without the obligation to cover an initial minimum amount.

¿Which is the term of the agreement? ¿Which is the monthly return? ¿Is it fixed or variable?

The term of the agreement is 120 months. The fixed monthly return is USD 1,508, and it is always a fixed return.

What is the projected annual return? Is it guaranteed?

The projected annual ROI is 13.2%. It is guaranteed.

How long does it take to receive payments?

Upon 100% of the project´s Initial Target is raised, the funds are sent to American Vending Technologies (AVT) and once the wire transfer is confirmed, the estimated maximum term is 30 days.

Who is responsible for the vending machines maintenance and replenishment?

American Vending Technologies (AVT), Odyssey Group business unit is in charge of the vending machines replenishment and maintenance.

What happens if a vending machine is stolen or vandalized?

AVT is responsible for the machine proper operation, its replacement and/or proper implementation so as to be operative.

Are there any additional transaction costs to be paid besides my initial investment?


Is it possible to get out of the project?

Yes! You can get out of the project at any time by selling your interest through the trading platform.

Please consider you may do so even before 100% of the Investment Target is raised. 

What would happen if the Investment Target was not fully raised in the estimated term?

In case the Investment Target is not fully raised within the estimated term, we offer you the possibility of investing in the project in case you reach a minimum amount of USD 7,500, since 1 unit can be purchased for such an amount.

How do I know that my money has been allocated in the investment plan I have chosen?

You money is part of a Trust, which constitutes an independent capital from SeSocio Capital. That Trust is managed by BLC Trust SA (Financial Fiduciary Agent No. 63, recorded under CNV Regulations) who controls that investments are managed pursuant to investors´ orders and decisions. Furthermore, trustees and external auditors are also responsible for controlling that your contributions are invested in the project you have chosen.

Which are the risk factors?

The investor should consider the following risk factors carefully, besides the rest of the information included in the Collective Financing Project report. Investors willing to participate in collective fundraising projects must consider on their own any related risks to any investments made on said projects.

Risk factors


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