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Webinar: Asegurar 365

Conferencia online a cargo de Ricardo Bueno, CEO de Asegurar 365

Novedades julio 2019

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2 meses atrás:

Asegurar365, presente en las Jornadas de seguros A+C. Este año se acreditaron las horas obligatorias por la SSN para los agentes de seguros. Más de 300 personas en Rosario. Semana que viene se realizaran en Buenos Aires. Ricardo Bueno estará disponible para todo tipo de consultas. En el hotel Scala el 21/05 de 9.00 a 17.00hs

1 mes atrás:

Junio, mes de evaluación y planificación. Se comenzaron las pautas publicitarias en Google Ads en CABA, GBA, Córdoba, Mendoza y Santa fé. Nos encontramos con un costo de propuesta de $500 promedio, lo cual la inversión en Google estaba siendo extremadamente alta. Probablemente este mes la frenemos para evaluar otras alternativas en conjunto a la publicación. Si bien el Objetivo de Asegurar365 es ser primeros en Google, tenemos que encontrar un equilibrio entre los ingresos por PAS, Ingresos por Propuesta y Costo de la publicidad. No está mal, parar la pelota y pensar un poco como resolverlo antes de quemar todo en publicidad sin evaluar.

1 mes atrás:

Nos presentaremos en las Jornadas A+C en Mendoza la semana que viene. Estamos preparando una visita a nuestros inversores en SeSocio el mes de Agosto. En cuanto al desarrollo, estamos incorporando nuevos programadores, ya que vamos a comenzar con la publicación de enlatados, foro de preguntas que y sugerencias que ayudaran al posicionamiento orgánico del sitio. Es aquí donde nos tenemos que concentrar, en ser primeros organicamente y que la cuota de los suscriptos apoye con publicidad paga, pero que sea un suplemento y no algo en lo que dependamos 100%.






News May 2019

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1 month ago:

The part of development without news, we are still programmed. Digital Marketing, We continue with investment in Google Ads according to the volume of subscriptions, we are going to make campaigns directed to CABA, Mendoza, Santafé, Córdoba. We are going to concentrate on those cities until we generate a critical mass of visits and subscribed users. Excellent News: We will participate in the Jornadas A + C as PARTNER. Some numbers: We are advancing at the rate of 200 visits per day with a conversion of 3%, more than 500 PAS throughout the country. We have created a mechanism so that the notifications reach the highest ranked PAS and in turn, the never contacted, so that all of them receive proposal alerts.

4 weeks ago:

Without many changes in the platform. We upload several modifications and we are waiting for an analysis of SEO by a professional to improve the organic positioning. We are PARTNER in the days A + C where this year accredits the compulsory hours of the Insurance Producers, it is going to be a very important event. We will expose, talk about new trends, and promote the site to the PAS. We are aiming to have 1000 users subscribed mid-year. We are in search of a new programmer and a graphic designer, half a day to help us with communication in networks and improve various aspects of the web. We are also in search of a Commercial in CABA to start making agreements with insurers.

2 weeks ago:

Without many changes. We are working on the presentations next week. Campaign settings for next month. List of tasks to develop in the development part. Searching for Programmer and Graphic Designer. We are going to prepare a video to update everything and tell how we are doing. Probably to publish the week of 05/05 counting some results of the Days A + C


News January 2019

Remember that you can follow the news of Asegurar365 in the following link:  

The latest news loaded on the Linkedin Assure 365 were the following:

2 weeks ago:

We are relaunching the website. After a failed attempt to modify the technology, we re-implemented PHP, making technical improvements in the CORE of the system and servers where the service is hosted. Today in AWS. Several modifications were made, especially in URL management to optimize SEO and SEM. We forecast to launch the first campaign in the second half of January when we confirm that the site is working perfectly.

1 week ago:

This week we have published the Asegurar365 site. We work to finalize the migration of the site and the information. A news blog was created (there are currently 2 as an example) We worked on the configuration of Google products for measurement (Tag Manager, Search Console, Analytics and Cloud) We have created a sitemap to publish in google and thus start to position ourselves organizes little by little. For next week we will have, testing and testing everything we did this week, monitoring and making the recurring payment. Today you can pay with MercadoPago but we are going to make modifications of the plans, (one free, one of USD5.00 + VAT and the other of USD 10.00 + VAT). How have we had the braked site for 3 months (OCT, NOV, DIC)? We are going to grant a free 3-month coupon to current users. As for the new ones as of January, they should hire one of these plans in a "recurrent" type of subscription. We estimate that for the 15/01 the subscription for MercadoPago for the new users is working. This was what was done this week and what will be done next. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment.

6 days ago:

This week (short) work in Development: Creation of subscriptions system (recurring payments) and a new line of plans and prices was established. One free, one of ARS 200, ARS 400 and ARS 800. The subscription will help us to keep the PAS always updated. This development is accompanied by a new system of internal scores to qualify each agent to be listed according to their specialties. So that the list of "Cordoba / ART" is ordered differently from "Cordoba / Moto" or "Cordoba / Home". This ranking will be measured by an internal scoring system, which we are developing the basis to be implemented in the short term. Marketing / Commercial: We interviewed a couple of profiles to dedicate 100% in the development of digital marketing, with a commercial profile to detect the needs of the registered PAS. These modifications will go into production before 15/01.

Link to the site

5 days ago:

Another interesting comment was that we had a meeting, thanks to some of the investors, with the AWS people for discounts on the servers. We are taking measurements to detect service consumption and determine if now is the time to take those discounts or later. (because they have expiration) The good thing is that these special programs for startups can save us several pesos, which we will invest in more advertising.


News December 2018

Then, you can see a message from Ricardo Bueno for the investors of his project:

"Dear investors, know how to apologize for the lack of communication I have had before you and I promise that from now on everything will change, create a new communication channel to keep you informed more frequently. of the platform and activities, I created the following channel: to publish the progress.

Regarding the balance sheets and other sensitive information, if I am going to send it to so they can share it more privately. We will probably make a balance every 4 months and thus keep them updated accounting.

One year after publishing the project, I give you a brief summary of what happened:

-December 2017,

  • The site was published.

-May 2018,

  • The business round was closed in (which has been closed, does not mean that we have obtained the money)

-April 2018

  • A WEB platform began to be developed, since what was published was a demo.
  • A specialist in UX was hired
  • A developer NodeJs was hired
  • The website is intended to be made in NodeJs + React with Postgres database
  • The "NEW SITE" was underway with delivery in August

-June 2018

  • Development of institutional image and communication.

-July 2018,

  • Seeing that the "NEW SITE" was being delayed in the implementation, the site that was working was optimized.
  • Corrections were published on the site and a template was purchased to improve the visual.
  • Procedures for the creation of the SAS begin

-August 2018

  • Failed delivery of the NEW SITE,
  • Constitution of Asegurar365
  • SEO and digital marketing tests are done on the current site.

-September 2018

  • Reception of investment


-October 2018

  • Publication of the NEW SITE
  • Errors are detected, it is removed.
  • Migrating servers to AWS
  • Development of social communication and advertising scheme

-November 2018

  • The NEW WEBSITE is published
  • Testing and QA (Analysis of the quality and monitoring of the site)

-December 2018

  • Brand Registration Ensure365
  • It is determined that the site does not fulfill what was committed
  • It is intended to cancel the NEW SITE because it does not work as it should.
  • The previous site will be published with improvements.


Most of the year, no investment money was used, since the investment was received at the end of September 2018. In October 2018, it was paid (with capital to insure365), among other things, platform commission, accountants , write, lawyers and sealed for the contracts and the start-up of the SAS, the migration to the new servers of Amazon and testéo of the site, register of brand Asegurar365, Design, digital marketing, social communication and journalism.

The "NEW SITE" started in April, did not work as we expected and is intended to be unpublished until further notice. Technology does not seem to align with our goal of being first in google and maintaining it is extremely expensive. The maintenance of the NEW SITE is 3 times more expensive than the site we published in June. That is why the decision is made to return to the June site and resume with the improvements from that point.

As the web is not defined, there has been no progress with digital marketing campaigns and everything has been paused. What we want, before leaving to promote the site, is that the site is working properly and has SEO and SEM implemented perfectly for a lasting campaign.

As of the date of the date USD 12,000 has been used, leaving a current balance of USD 68,000, taking most of the capital with the bureaucratic part of the start-up of the SAS and the last month of programming, analysis and testing of the "NEW SITE" ", Which did not meet the stated objectives and will be removed. If a product does not meet our objectives, unfortunately we have to move forward with what was working for us, which is the previous site.

Without further ado, I wish you an excellent year. "


Updating of information

SeSocio received the following update of the Asegurar365 project. Ricardo Bueno writes to investors:


There were things that could be overtaken and others that were not until the transfer was made. The new platform will be online as of 10/15/2018 . We want to stretch the campaign a little more to be able to promote the definitive site that is today in . The steps to follow, from today to the date of publication are:

  1. Legal: Definition and finalization of terms and conditions of service.
  2. Marketing: Campaign definition, communication and image.
  3. Communication: Review of content and profiles.
  4. Programming: Review of code and functionality of the page.

I will define with the work team a communication method of each channel so that they are permanently informed of the tasks that are developed and a monthly summary through SeSocio.