Invest in one of the most recognized ice cream franchises in Argentina and earn up to 16% per year in dollars

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Project written, published, and posted by Chocorísimo SA:

SeSocio de Chocorísimo, a recognized ice cream franchise in Argentina and obtained a fixed annual 9% yield in pesos plus 7% of the net income of the activity. The branch will be managed by the owner of Chocorísimo and is located on Charcas Street, in the well-known area of Palermo.
The profitability is monthly and consists of a fixed part plus a variable. The variable return is 7% on the net turnover of the operating activity + a fixed 9% on the invested capital.
The rent begins to be charged once the place is put into activity and has a duration of 5 years (60 months) from that moment.

The investment

The investment consists of increasing the performance of the premises, performing a restyling, increasing advertising and adding delivery services with applications that until now did not have.
For this, it seeks to raise USD 30,000, thus being able to finance these needs that trade currently has.

The estimated period to receive the first payment is XX months from project financing
(Detail deadlines)

The following tables detail everything related to the financial part of the investment.
Remember that the variable part is estimated , therefore it may not be as expected.

The business

Chocorísimo comes up with the objective of democratizing artisanal ice cream in the best corners of the Buenos Aires conurbation, offering a product 100% handmade, high quality and more economical.
As if that were not enough, Chocorisimo has an agreement with the most internationally recognized brand of sandwiches to increase the offer and offer a complete experience on the premises.
That is why Chocorísimo is positioned as the best meeting point within the conurbano.
The key of the business will be to support the commitment and development that the franchisor group has been developing within the premises with its own management and through the new restyling to promote it to grow in sales.

The market

In recent years, ice cream consumption increased by 133%. According to a study by TNS Argentina (Taylor Nelson Sofres), an international leader in market research, for the Associated Producers' Association, the consumption of ice cream went from an average of 3 kilos per capita per year in 2000 to consumption of more than 7 kilos per capita average currently.
In Argentina, 2 out of 10 consumers are considered "ice cream lovers". According to a Mordor Intelligence study, the global market value of ice cream is expected to climb to 89,500 million in the next 5 years, with an annual growth rate of 4.9% between 2018 and 2023
We leave you a note last year regarding the item of ice cream that was released in "La Nación"
You can see it by clicking here .

The company

Chocorisimo is a company of Artisanal Ice Cream, founded more than 20 years ago. The company has 30 branches throughout the country (Rio Grande, Bahia Blanca, Olavarria, Greater Buenos Aires and Federal Capital), becoming strong in the province of Buenos Aires and the interior of the country.
Chocorisimo is located in the Industrial Park of Garin OKS and is one of the most modern plants in our country, supplied by solar technology. It has a production capacity of 6,000,000 liters per year with its own cold storage and transport of ice cream. All the equipment used for manufacturing comes from Italy with the highest quality standards.
Chocorisimo is starting the process of becoming a B company by using clean energy, converting all its waste into water for irrigation and incorporating hard of hearing employees into its permanent plant. , to try to achieve shortly open the first ice cream parlor of our country and the world attended entirely by people with this characteristic.

The team

Esteban Wolff - CEO and Partner of Chocorísimo


In 1993, when he was only 19 years old, Esteban founded his first company that he founded at 6 months. With 9 companies to his credit, he turned from a serial failure to a serial entrepreneur. Married with 2 children, he was Board Member for 10 years of the Endeavor Foundation, President of the ASEA, the Association of Entrepreneurs of our country and is currently President of Manos en Acción and Argentina against Hunger.
Entrepreneur with more than 9 founded companies bought Chocorisimo in 2014 with 3 ice cream parlors, with the idea of developing it and making it grow.

Gustavo Tonientti - Founder and COO of Chocorísimo


Gustavo is 48 years old and is a Master Ice Cream. He has extensive experience in the artisan ice cream market, since he has more than 25 years in the business.

Maximiliano Dirube - Commercial Director in the development of new premises and businesses


Maximiliano was the commercial developer of the firm Subway in Argentina. He led the team to open more than 100 stores in our country and has extensive experience in the Retail market.


Frequent questions

What is a Franchise?

Franchising is understood as a business format aimed at the commercialization of goods and services, in which a person - natural or legal - grants to another for a specific time the right to use a trademark or trade name. It is a commercial relationship in which one party pays one amount of money to another for the exploitation of its brand

What is the interest rate of the project? What periodicity does it have?

The profitability is monthly and consists of a fixed part plus a variable. The variable return is 9% on the net turnover of the operating activity + a fixed 7% on the invested capital.

How many jobs does the local pool generate?

The local pond employs 8 people directly and indirectly 4 more.

How long does it take to pay?

Once 100% of the project has been financed, the contracts are signed, the money is sent to the team, once the transfer received is confirmed, the project deadlines start running, as can be seen in the investment flow chart.

How are the interests perceived?

The interest will be reinvested month by month, so you will receive the payment of the same with your capital invested on month 12.

Is it possible to exit the project?

Yes! You can leave at any time, selling your participation through the trading platform. Take into account that you can do it even before achieving 100% funding by paying a variable commission according to the following table .

How much is the minimum amount to enter?

SeSocio allows you to be part of projects of this scope without minimum amounts.

By what means can I invest?

You can do it with a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

What quote do my currency take?

In case you send your investment in the local currency, the quote will be taken at the moment of receiving the transfer. We also give you the option to transfer or directly deposit dollars.

What are the risks of investing in the Chocorísimo franchise?

The risks on the project fall on the lack of payment of interest by Chocorísimo SA This leads to a series of risks detailed in the following article.


Which are the risk factors?

The investor must carefully consider the risk factors mentioned in the following article , in addition to the rest of the information contained in the publication of the Collective Financing Project. Any investor that considers the possibility of acquiring participations in collective financing projects must make their own independent evaluation of the risks associated with the acquisition of such participations.

Risk factor's


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