I invested in Best American Storage and obtained a net annual return in dollars of 5.8%   plus an estimated revaluation of 4%   annual

41% Funded  Of USD 11,750
11,750.00 USD Target
345 Investments acumulated

Best American Storage III

Project written, published, and posted by Best American Storage:

I invested in Best American Storage in the purchase of storage deposits in the United States and received a fixed annual net interest rate of 5.82 % , payable quarterly plus an estimated revaluation of the unit of 4% per annum.

Through SeSocio.com, USD 11,750 will be raised for the purchase of 1 unit:

The unit is 50 square feets (4.65 square meters)

In addition, if the trend recorded in the last 15 years is maintained, it is estimated that the units will be revalued by 4% per year , (national data from the Self Storage Association of America), achieving an estimated 26.63% return on the net investment of commissions ( 8.88% per annum ).

It is worth clarifying that the payment of Best American Storage to the investors begins IMMEDIATELY after the writing of the units since the Self Storage center is fully operational.

The structure of the business will be done through the purchase of the aforementioned deposit unit and a lease and operation contract will be made for 3 years with Best American Storage, who will pay a 5.82% annual consideration in dollars to investors. net of commissions. At the end of the period, said storage unit will be sold with an estimated revaluation of 4% per year.


Supporting documentation.

Property title. The Storage unit is acquired with a deed as any real property, that is, a title similar to that of a department or a garage. The cost of the unit's deed is fully covered by Best American Storage.

The administration is governed by the Commercial Condominium Law of the State of Florida that contains detailed rules and strict obligations that must be met by the administrator. The law protects the owner of the Storage, unlike what happens in a department where the protection of the law is for the tenant . The eviction for non-payment is automatic 30 days without the intervention of a Judge.

Minimum risk of accidents for the user , little use, little maintenance and little need for attention.

The insurance for the contents of the deposit is in charge of the tenant who takes the unit. The investor should not worry if the tenant does not pay the rent or if he misuses the property.

The buyer does not take care of anything, he charges his net quarterly income.

The properties are covered by extensive insurance coverage that includes hurricanes.


What is a Self Storage?

It is an individual deposit for companies or families that helps solve problems that generate lack of space and storage, especially for those who need to store furniture, merchandise, personal items, cars or mobile homes.

Storage growth coincided with the growth of apartment occupancy. More and more people choose to live in apartments, which have less space for storage.

It is an industry of first necessity in the US economy. Wall Street called it a "recession-proof industry" for its excellent performance during the 2007 housing crisis.

This industry occupies an area of 200,000,000 (two hundred million) meters covered bill U $ 33,000,000,000 (33 billion) a year.

Currently, there are more than 58,000 properties dedicated to Self Storage in the USA.

A secure business, simple to manage and profitable.

The demand is derived from the high level of consumption and the frequency with which the Americans move for work or study.

It is a unique investment opportunity in a Consolidated Mass Consumption Industry of the United States from an accessible amount, with a high degree of security and with a property title.


A team of professionals with decades of experience, from the field of finance, management, services and research, focused on generating the best business opportunities for our investors.


In addition, Best American Storage has the services of a prestigious law firm with expertise in real estate business in the United States for Latin American investors: Snyder Law Group.



Frequent questions

What is a Self Storage?

It is an individual deposit for companies or families that helps solve problems that generate lack of space and storage, especially for those who need to store furniture, merchandise, personal items, cars or mobile homes.

What is the profitability of the project?

The profitability of the project consists of a fixed payment for the rental of the units of 5.88% annual fixed in dollars net of commissions plus a potential revaluation of the units estimated at 4%. (3.88% net of commissions).

How long does it take to pay?

Once 100% of the project has been financed, the contracts are signed, the money is sent to the team, once the transfer received is confirmed, the first payment is received after three months.

How are the payments perceived?

Payments are collected quarterly in your SeSocio.com account based on the rental agreement with Best American Storage plus the payment for the units at the moment of the sale of the same. In case you have activated the automatic reinvestment, and that If you are funding a new project of Best American Storage Portfolio, it will be automatically reinvested in this one so that you can multiply your initial investment even more.

Is it possible to exit the project?

Yes! You can leave at any time, selling your participation through the trading platform. Take into account that you can do it even before achieving 100% funding by paying a variable commission according to the following table.

How much is the minimum amount to enter?

SeSocio allows you to be part of projects of this scope without minimum amounts.

By what means can I invest?

You can do it with a credit card or bank transfer.

What quote does my currency take?

In case you send your investment in the local currency, the quote will be taken at the moment of receiving the transfer. We also give you the option to transfer or directly deposit dollars.

How do I know that my money will be used in what I am investing?

Your money goes directly to a Trust, independent of the equity of SeSocio, which is administered by BLC Trust SA (Financial Trustee N 63, registered with the CNV) who ensures that all investments are made according to the instructions given by each investor. Additionally, both the trustees and the external auditors also ensure that your contributions have the destiny chosen by you.

Which are the risk factors?

The investor must carefully consider the risk factors mentioned in the following article , in addition to the rest of the information contained in the publication of the Collective Financing Project. Any investor that considers the possibility of acquiring participations in collective financing projects must make their own independent evaluation of the risks associated with the acquisition of such participations.

Risk factor's

What are the risks of investing in the Best American Storage?

Best American Storage Risks


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