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As it emerges from the report of Crain's Detroit Business , a series of factors allow the vacancy rate in Detroit to be 2.6%, meaning that the amount of properties that are not rented is very low.

In its annual report, the Urban Lands Institute reports that given the insertion of millennials in the labor market and the desire for flexibility in lifestyle, they are boosting the department sector throughout the US.

Likewise, another factor for which the vacancy rate is low is due to the fact that the offer does not satisfy the demand for rentals. Although a limited number of new apartments are being built in venues such as Royal Oak, Ferndale, Milford and Plymouth, the pace of development of new apartments in the Detroit metropolitan area lags behind other regions.


El equipo de Marmike Property, administradores de las casas de Detroit nos comunicó que el inquilino de la casa de Mecca ha realizado un pago el cual aún no vemos reflejado en nuestras cuentas. En los próximos días les comunicaremos las novedades que tengamos al respecto.  


From Marmike Property they informed us:

"The tenant will make the payments of the rents at the end of the month together with the fines corresponding to the delay of the payment."


Today the payment of the rent of the months of August, September, October and November is made to the investors of the Detroit portfolio.

The income for the monthly rent corresponds to USD 750, the Administration Fee and insurance are USD 60 monthly each.

The heater motherboard burned. It was replaced by an amount of 700 USD. Here you can see the invoice

With this we have an annual return of 8.2 % in dollars.


From Marmike Property they informed us:

"The tenant refuses to make the last payments because she says there are things in the house that need fixing, she was sent to a contractor who informed us that the heater is burned, the budget to fix it is USD 700 and you can see it here . in addition, the tenant refuses to pay water and electricity so the eviction process started. we are waiting for an appointment with the judge to continue the process. "

From we are in permanent contact with Marmike Property, waiting for the documentation corresponding to the eviction process of the tenant. We will keep you informed.


Because the tenant did not pay on the day he committed (Friday, 09/14/2018), we reclaimed Marmike Porperty again and are awaiting a resolution.