I invested in the batch of SeSocio investors in the Barrio Costas in Puertos Escobar and won with its revaluation

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Puertos del Lago III

I invested in the lot of the investors of SeSocio in Costas, the neighborhood of Puertos in Escobar and I got your rent with your future sale.

The investment is for land No. 378, whose purchase-sale ticket has already been signed. In this case, you can invest in the project even if 100% of the amount to be financed is not collected.

Ports in Escobar

Puertos is the new neighborhood developed by Consultatio, developer of Nordelta.

Puertos, located in Escobar is a venture that offers you a new option to live surrounded by nature, tranquility and with the security of a closed neighborhood.

It is located in the KM. 44 of the Panamericana, only 45 minutes from the Federal Capital.

It has a total area of 1,433 hectares, 6 neighborhoods built and 1 under construction, has a central lake of 200 hectares with a 60-hectare nature reserve. In addition, the development will have two bilingual schools and it is expected to have 60,000 inhabitants.

Characteristics of the Coasts Neighborhood

  • The lots go to the central lake.
  • The amenities included are two tennis courts, pool and a club house.
  • First stage with 197 lots of 933 m2 on average.
  • Second stage with 188 lots of 929 m2 on average.

Why real estate?

The current difficult economic and financial scenario presents difficulties in choosing safe investment options: volatility in the financial markets, the slowdown in the economies of emerging countries and inflation that devalues savings with the mere passage of time. The investment in "bricks" is the best alternative to reduce risks and ensure an attractive income, as well as to multiply the money invested with the mere passage of time. The real estate market in the United States offers infinite opportunities for growth, and an optimal capacity to recover from eventual crises, as it has already shown through its financial history.

Revenue streams

One of the most popular features of real estate in its ability to produce income. This allows to have the forecast of an income flow in a period of time.

Diversification of investments

Real estate investment has proven to be an effective way to achieve a mix of assets for optimal diversification. Real estate is positioned as a safe alternative for an important part of your investment portfolio.

Intrinsic value

Every property has some intrinsic value, and this value can increase significantly. Real estate investment has a base value that can survive any type of crisis or a change in zoning. Many investors in the real estate market place great importance on knowing that they have a real and tangible asset.

Coverage against inflation

Inflation coverage involves investing in assets that are less prone to be punished for the cost of living increase. In general, real estate assets are in a better position to keep pace with inflation than many other investments as the price increase impacts in the form of rent increases.

The investment

The investment is for land No. 378 that SeSocio investors have reserved in the new Costas neighborhood in Puertos Escobar and whose purchase-sale ticket has already been signed.

Details of the land

Surface: 740.72 m2

Purchase value: USD 131,818

The following table shows the final value of the land N ° 378, taking into account the purchase price plus the estimated expenses in terms of commissions, annual expenses that will be paid once the infrastructure works are completed, and a 10% forecast of expenses per notary (these may vary according to the values in final payment date).

Through SeSocio.com you can enter in 4 different successive phases.

The second phase is the one that is open. Once the term has expired, the value of the shares in the next phase may be increased to 1.35 per share.

Those who entered the first phase have already won, do not miss the opportunity to enter the second phase and win with the revaluation.

FAQ Investment

For general questions of the operative or other that you do not see here please go to this link: http://www.sesocio.com/faq
For answers that you can not find, do not hesitate to contact us via chat, or by phone.

By what means can I invest?

You can do it with credit card or transfer. If you would like to do it in cash, you should go to the offices of SeSocio before consulting by mail or chat.

What are the phases of this project about?

SeSocio reserved the lot with the first phase. Later in different phases and thanks to the financing obtained by SeSocio the rest of the value will be completed.

Can I invest in more than one phase?

You can invest in all the phases you want, and more than once per phase. You can even request that a monthly amount be debited from your card to save on this type of investment.

What happens if once I invest I want to leave?

You can put your shares on the trading platform for sale. A third party can buy your investment if the price seems convenient.

What costs does the maintenance of the lot have?

During the first 36 months there are no expenses. Once this period has elapsed the lot will be put on sale. In case of incurring unexpected costs it will be netted of the final benefit.

Can I use my lot share for something?

No. It is an investment exclusively. Those who have partial participations on the lot do so as investors only, and have no right to the physical use thereof.

What price do my pesos take?

We give you the option to directly transfer or deposit dollars. In case you send pesos the quote will be taken at the moment of receiving the transfer.

Which are the risk factors?

The investor must carefully consider the risk factors mentioned in the following article , in addition to the rest of the information contained in the publication of the Collective Financing Project. Any investor that considers the possibility of acquiring participations in collective financing projects must make their own independent evaluation of the risks associated with the acquisition of such participations.

Risk factor's


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